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Dumping of fish


Do you support the dumping of fish?  

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  1. 1. Do you support the dumping of fish?

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what a load of hypocritical BS, the faroese fishermen will land everything they catch and process it all for use unlike the scoty fleet who will dump whole shots of fish hundreds of tonnes at a time, because they are too small to fetch the highest price at market.

The fish are not dumped because of a crazy eu law but out of pure greed.

the white fish boys have to avoid whole swathes of sea because the bottom for miles is clogged with dead mackerel.

I've said it before and I'll say it again if the scoty and our own pelagic boys just landed what they caught and stopped dumping smaller fish then the Faroes and Iceland could up their quotas even further and have no discernible effect on the stocks.

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173 others have signed it but wir mp still has failed to show his support for something that is so important to the folk up here. what a tosser


Government ministers including our Deputy Chief Whip (Mr Whippy?) are not allowed to sign early day motions under the Ministerial Code.

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Guest Anonymous

When queried as to why he had not signed he did not even deem it fit to reply even when he had the perfect answer. the lib dems are so sure of winning every election in Shetland and Orkney they treat us with utter contempt and only pay us lip service at election time.

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