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Housing in Shetland

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Would this be the same bedrock that stretches from King Harald St to Burgh road? ... It took them a month to dig a trench across Union St, a month!

That's why it would be excellent for tunnelling.


Or maybe they could refit it as the new council "campus". Surely that would be a lot cheaper than the current proposal at the North Ness?

I asked the Lerwick South bye-election candidates at the hustings for their ideas on the BT site. The universal opinion seemed to be along the lines of "Yes it is a wasted prime site, funny that we haven't noticed." Housing was their suggestion. I think that BT have forgotten that they own it.

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^^ The "greed" factor I was referring to is in the developer proposing to utilise the maximum possible area of the site for the highest returns purposes (commercial and residential accomodation), while expecting the lower/zero financial return aspects of that utilisation to somehow be absorbed within the already grossly overstretched public facilities of the surrounding neighbourhood.


I would have thought of it more as commercial 'best practice' on the one side and trying to 'wing it a bit' on the other. Not greed as such but a piece of arrogant opportunism coupled with bad judgement. They might have satisfied the Planning Dept but they made no attempt to satisfy the locals who, quite rightly, rounded on their elected reps.


*If* this proposal came with its own reasonably adequate on-site vehicle parking I don't think I'd much care what they built on it. Just because the current building has no on-site parking it doesn't mean that any re-development of the site can suddenly abdicate any responsibility for parking too.


Agreed (providing the needs/views of existing residents are satisfied) and, for the record, I never suggested otherwise.



What was put on the table was inevitably going to significantly increase vehicle congestion, both static and moving within an area which cannot absorb it. I'm all for them developing the site, but I'm also very much for keeping all impact of any development entirely within the boundaries of said site, shoving the "inconvenient" and low/zero return aspects of the development over the wall, and bleating "foul" when everyone else, who all have an equal right to the use of what's over the wall as they do, calls them on it, is where the "greed" comes in.


I totally agree but, I still wouldn't call it 'greed' :D

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This makes me wonder about ever going on the list when we move back up (well me moving back up, Mr TA & the cat first time lol).


I'm moving back up at the end of the year and then he is coming up following year. Now everyone that I've told that we're moving at home has said get your names on the council/Hjaltland list. It's the one that everyone has said. We hadn't thought about it at all. The only reason that I might and just might is that I need to use a wheelchair when health isn't great. We'll be biding wi Mam and Dad, who incidently are in a council house, until we find somewhere.


I agree with the BT building that should be utilised better if there is hardly anyone in it and housing would be perfect.


Windybrae's good grief no heard about that in ages....

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calm down....... I don't think this is a problem which is just specific to the SIC/Shetland or the Hjaltland Housing Association!!!

Very true. Not only social housing, but every part of our once proud (once working) public sector has been ground down by thirty years of barking mad right wing lunatics who believe "public sector bad, private sector good" in the face of all the evidence to the contrary. It's a bl**dy miracle any of it still works at all. I really admire the people who try to make it work, whatever other posters might say.


FWIW, I'm a soothmoother on the SIC list (for five years? six years?) - maybe I should have developed a drug habit and got on the boat. :D However, I did turn down the opportunity to join the Hjaltland list as well, since I want to leave a little extra space for local people. If round here is anything to go by, the Association homes will be "nicer" than the Council ones - carpets on the stairs, entryphones, that sort of thing.


A tale of what the barking mad fraternity are about, taken from a flat in my own (council owned, but now controlled by an "Arms Length Management Organisation") house (lived here 29 years): A few years ago, our ground floor tenant died. We were amazed how quickly the ALMO found a new tenant - about a month, rather than the usual year or so. Then it turned out that the new tenant was an employee of the ALMO. Then, that he was buying it, not renting it. Then that he wasn't even going to be living there, but was "buying to let". Then I looked it up on the net, and found out that the new rent is over three and a half times what it was making for the Council. Wow. You couldn't make it up. With people like that in charge, it's not surprising that so many people have complaints about (the remains of) the public sector.


Maybe one day we'll have a party in government which actually believes in the public sector, like they all did in the "good old days" of concensus politics. But while councils up and down the land are forced to flog off assets at bargain basement prices to "Buy To Letters" - and forbidden to spend the paltry proceeds on replacing their housing stock (school playing fields, etc.) - the idiot belief that "the public sector doesn't work" is made into a self-fulfilling prophesy.


Of course there should be homes in Shetland for Shetlanders - or indeed for anyone who loves the place enough not to worry overmuch about the winter weather (!), but it isn't going to happen anywhere in the UK until the public sector is extensively repaired. And that's not a matter of voting for different Councillors, who are pretty much powerless these days to resist the centralist lunatics in Westminster. It's a matter of throwing out the simple-minded belief that "the Free Market will provide" and electing national politicians who'll run things pro bono publico again by introducing policies that devolve power back to local people.


I'd love to say that at least Orkney & Shetland's Liberal MP is a start. But there have been some worrying bits of free market claptrap even from the Liberal party of late ...

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For general information, there are currently 2 x 3 bedroomed, soon I believe to be 3 x 3 bedroomed houses and 1 sheltered house available on Fetlar.


Council allocation points system follow this link then click on the link for SIC allocation policy at the bottom of the page. This shows in detail what you get points for, although there are some areas where there is room for variation eg medical conditions.



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(** mod edit - merged with existing thread **)


Is there an actual housing shortage to accomodate the 900 people on the waiting list, or is it just simply that under the 'right to buy' policy most of the existing council houses are now privately owned and let out to the same people who are on the housing list at higher 'commercial' rents?


What I am getting at is, would it not make more sense for the council to start buying up all the available houses and flats available, given the property market is collapsing and bargains are to be had and renting them out, instead of building more at a far higher cost to reduce the waiting list.


I cannot see how we need hundreds of new houses, we just need to redistribute the current stock back into public ownership.


Maybe this is not possible?

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Are the Council not already doing this at least in some cases? I've certainly been told that the Council do buy back ex council houses and flats which come on the market, although I don't know of any cases of this myself. Granted they will only ever be able to get back a small proportion of what has been sold this way.


I can't really understand why the waiting list has grown to the size it is when the population seems to be decreasing and is forecast to continue decreasing, particularly when you look at the quantity of new housing which has been built in places like East Voe, Gulberwick, Quoys etc.


Is part of the reason the fact that young people seem to fly the nest earlier and earlier these days and get their name on the waiting list as soon as they can?

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is it the new builds are way over the level of first time buyers. they seem to sell for between 150-200k on even 25-30k a year thats way out of there range. plus now with at least a 25% deposit the only folks who can afford them are incoming people. there should be more shared ownership houses.

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It may well be that the Council's hands are tied. Forgive me, but being down here in London and for my sins being English, I am not fully au fait with laws governing Shetland. In England, a Local Authority may only spend money on housing from monies generated from housing. Therefore, whilst they may well have had some money in the early days from Right to Buy, they may also have been under pressure to keep rents below the market rate whilst expenditure increased thus resulting in no funds in the pot to build new homes.


Some of you may have seen my post looking for a mutual exchange to London. The situation here in London Borough of Newham has resulted in the Right to Buy scheme being suspended due to the demands on social housing. Housing throughout the UK is a ridiculous state of affairs. I'm 45, have a disability, self-employed and my husband is 54 and working. We would qualify for a mortgage for up to £66k - until hubby is 75 years old! Thankfully, the Co-operative Bank only require a 10% deposit and whilst we have some savings, we don't have enough to cover relocation fees, the deposit, and the disbursements involved in purchasing a property.


When I see the privately rented property available in Shetland I am astounded that they are on par with London yet my understanding is that your salaries are not.


In all honesty, it is a total crazy state of affairs.

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bargains are to be had and renting them out, instead of building more at a far higher cost to reduce the waiting list.




to be perfectly honest buying old council houses then refurbing them upto modern standards is going to cost a lot more than building new, take for example the house at lochside that has been demolished and is being rebuilt, which is going to be far cheaper than trying to update the existing buildings to meet current regulations/standards

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I won't be holding my breath on the council getting their act together to build houses on the Staney Hill :!:


It's taken them over a year to start the works on the 6 cruden houses in town, the tenants were decanted at the start of the summer last year! that's a whole years rent lost, and much needed accommodation sitting unused.


The story was that the day work was due to start, the housing department were informed by the planning department that they didn't have planning permission to demolish the houses :shock: basic common sense would have told anyone with half a brain to check and double check the small print before decanting people and loosing rent.



Why are the council wanting to buy more land? They bought the Ness of Soond over 10 years ago to build houses on, and the last I heard about that was it was going to cost too much to put proper services in. If I remember right they paid over a million for that particular "white elephant"

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