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NAFC @ Scalloway




Fair Isle


New Museum


I'm sure I've seen one from the top of the town hall or somewhere .. or was that in a dream? or should that be after a dram? hmm ...? :?

regarding the muesum - Last updated Tuesday, 07th March, 2006 @ 11:08am





What is this thread? Groundhog day? :wink:

apart from the lunna one, sorry trout

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Here's one for the naturalists ( yes i said naturalists, not naturists! You've got your own topic.)


It's a pond in Africa, live by satellite, with sound. This is what the web was designed for! So i can watch some non-descript african birds. Magic. It's worth it for the cricket chirp ambience alone!


Click on the link below and then click the link on the page, I tried putting a direct link here but it doesna work


Pete's Pond


Oh, it needs Realplayer, and in my case (on the mac) i had to click on the tiny RM download on the desktop to get it to work.

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