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If there are any expats who get nostalgic now and again there is a cure!

Go to www.visitshetland.com and look for the Live Market Cross Video.

The camera must be up on top of the Tourist office and points down to Don Leslies and the pier. You can keep an eye on the Shetland weather, and look out for old friends, although it is a bit difficult to recognise people. By clicking on the picture, it goes full screen but looses quality.


(***Mod Edit - Merged with existing webcam thread***)

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When did the Cross webcam move? Granted while the view at the Cross wasn't maybe everyone's idea of the image of the toon that should be spread around the world, especially the ones from Friday or Saturday nights :wink: I'm not sure having the sewer pump and taxi rank centre screen is any improvement. :?


[Edit] Ahhh....just seen their peerie note among all the other rolling captions "town centre cameras expected to be back online mid-December".....Hang on, dat's eenoo, whaur ir dey :?:

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