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Rubbish in Lerwick - A Sad Sight

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My wanderings this morning took me up from the street through the swimming pool car park and along Hillhead. Every few hundred yards there were rubbish bags and their contents strewn all about the streets and lanes.


One of the really nice things about Lerwick is that it is almost litter free compared to towns and cities on the mainland, but this was a real let down today. Many people work hard to keep the streets looking smart and at this time of year, with tourists visiting, it is especially important.


I know that here will always be those that will put their rubbish out days before the dustbin lorries appear (lazy? stupid? who knows?), but perhaps it's time for SIC to bite the bullet and put in some of the road salt containers or similar for people to put their rubbish bags in. Either that or machine gun the bloody gulls!

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Or wheelie bins! (ducks and runs for cover)


Seriously though, it does seem to get worse and worse. I've just put my rubbish out and it's all under a net and just before the essy kert arrives. It's still a mess out there and chasing the gulls doesn't help unless you're prepared to stand guard over it.

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Nets no longer work as the gulls have figured out how to remove them without getting caught in the mesh. Somewhere on my computer I keep a few photos of gulls removing a net from council deposited rubbish and I am prepared to use them if I or my friends ever get prosecuted for having rubbish strewn all over the road. Not my fault. I do what the council tell me to do and place my rubbish on the pavement on collection day and I cover it with a net.


Solution has to be gull proof bags, gull proof storage areas or boxes to deposit our rubbish or another type of rubbish container that resists both gulls and wind.

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One solution would be to go back to the old way where dustbins were collected from peoples gardens, emptied and then returned.........with luck to the same garden. Would be a cost involved here as it would not be fair to expect the refuse disposal operatives to go back to a working practice that would take a lot more time than the current system but it would solve the problem.


Another idea might be some sort of covered mobile skip that could be shifted from place to place and left for residents to dump their black bags in.

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Just dump it out windows and chuck it wherever isn't in your way the way we did way back when. Then it's someone else's problem and we can all get back to moaning about other things. It seems a easier solution than just covering the bin bags up properly. Surely, we as humans can outwit some seagulls instead of finding something else to blame the council for? Put a stone or two at the base of the net, double the netting up, etc... Intelligent species my backside.





OR, as my fella suggested over dinner, fine folk a tenner everytime the seagulls rip their rubbish apart. They'd quickly find ways to put the netting on properly.

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Apologies - the last post was meant as a joke. Sorry if I offended anyone. :oops:


Anyway...I agree with the post above, it's AMAZING what the filthy craetirs will eat given half the chance. We've put stuff on the bird table with furry bits in it and they still bully the starlings and sparrows out of the way to snack on it.


In case you hadn't figured I really don't like seagulls, they're just vermin with wings on. And, if they've figured out how to get through the nets, we should maybe be worried - or start building the nets out of a firmer material.


Then again, BigMouth's hot sauce suggestion might just be the answer - it wouldn't do them major damage but at least they wouldn't come back...


Edit: then again, maybe not...they'd probably just guzzle it like everything else they eat and poop on the (brand new) car as always...

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