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Shetland Football 2009??

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There is not at the moment granted, and you can't just magic them out of thin air. Take the longterm view though allow single team clubs to join and try to grow the size of the league to a point where you can have a two division set-up with a seperate reserve league.


The trick is through the transition make it competative, this years reserve league was enjoyable to play and competative with the exception of Celtic we took points off every other team.


Now in Orkney they have one Association three leagues giving football for all levels that I think is something we should be aiming for.

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true i just hope there is something done soon rather than another year gone with another team droping out (maybe) i mean why have the sfa not connacted burra and try and get them back in the league every body has bad years Delting wernt always champions whalsay have'nt always been a good team we need to help teams trying to develop like ness a good example of a prospect of a good team if coached right and kept together same with unst no one said it would be easy i admire the men who try and keep the league set up together but were in a bad way, i mean there was'nt even a under 21 parish cup i know its a diffrent thing but thats proof that not all is healthy

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Here are a list of proposals that Ness United have submitted to the secretary of the SFA for inclusion on the agenda of the 2008 AGM


1) To change the rules of competition to allow new entrant teams to join the association through the reserve league. Any single team club winning the reserve division though would be promoted the next season to the premier league. Also if the bottom team in the 2009 premier league were to be a single team club they would be relegated to the reserve division.



2) To present and administer a knock-out competition which could be entered by reserve league and works league teams.


3) To investigate how to bring about a closer working relationship between the SFA and the SJFA


4) To allow the Highland Fuels Cup to be used as a vehicle for qualification for the Highland Amateur cup if clubs wished to enter it. At present there needs to be a Shetland qualification section winner before that team can enter the next round of the wider competition.

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Its on Thursday the 6th of November at Isleburgh, usually in the radio room, not heard what time it starts yet Jordan but the monthly meetings start at 6.30pm so I think the AGM will be the same contact Mark Goodhand the association secretary if you need anymore info. Are radio Shetland sending a outside broadcast team? :wink:

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Some interesting proposals Penfold but I can see a few problems, taking each point in turn.


1. Any single team winning the Reserve league should have been playing in the A League in the first place. As far as new entrants entering the B League I don't have any strong views but I would say entry should need to be approved by the SFA, having a Reserve League with twenty teams and an A League with 5 does not help matters.


2. Works league teams are allowed to enter the County Shield, I do not think A Teams should be put in a position where they are fighting over players with their reserve side.


3. To be honest I am not aware of any problems between the Junior and senior associations, although thats not to say there may be some. The entry of new teams to the reserve league may create problems, ie, how would Delting feel if all their best juniors went to play for Mossbank in the B League having spent years coaching these players.


My own view is the Associations should be working to strengthen community clubs, who have teams at all age groups and invest time into coaching players.


4. Any team who has the finances and squad to enter the Highland Amature Cup is free to do so. Only a couple of teams have done this and it has required a great deal of commitment, finances and organisation. Any side showing this kind of ambition should be encourages, why make qualification even more difficult as 90% of teams will not be in a position to enter the tournament.

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Hi Boris thanks for your input.


I'll reply with the thoughts behind the proposals if I may


1) At present the association has a rule that in effect puts new teams off from entering their competitions, by insisting they enter the premier league. The rule also gives teams struggling at the foot of the premier division nowhere to go and on the face of it the only choice is that there club fold. By changing the rules to enable new teams to enter the lower division with say a maximum of 12 teams? we may encourage through time enough in to the association teams to have a proper two tier divisional system with promotion and relegation.


When single team clubs played in the reserve division before they did so by asking the AGM permission to do so, and as we found teams went into it and there was no mechanism to bring them back out. With the new rule if a single team club wins it it is promoted no arguement no need for AGM's and EGM's to decide if that is the case. There are issues with a club with a reserve side finishes bottom or if a reserve side finishes top of the reserve league and that we wanted to leave upto the AGM to decide how to work out the framework for it. In the Paisley and District FA they have a premier league and two lower divsions 1A and 1B there are teams that have two teams Tannahill AFC being an example, their reserve team play in division 1A and are not able to be promoted if they win the division so there is a precedent for such systems already.


2) Although the works league teams can enter the county shield only two teams did so this year. the setting up of a cup between the reserve league and the works league teams would hopefully encourage more participation from the latter and help relations between the two associations. It would not be open to Premier league teams so there would be no competition for players, again though in the Paisley and District FA clubs with two teams that wish to enter the Association cup have to register their squads as either A or B teams and stick to that, eg if team A went out the players from it could'nt play in the latter rounds of the cup if team B remained in the cup.


3) Most clubs in the Shetland FA are as you state community clubs and have representation on both associations as a Club that has an adult and youth set-up we have noticed that there is a few areas where greater co-operation could be beneficial to all concerned. Delting FC representative had raised issue at a SFA monthly meeting with Mossbank FC fielding Delting under 18's in their team in the works league this season so this problem is apparent already.


4) I think when Whalsay last entered they has to set-up a competition so they were eligable to enter the Highland Amater Cup. This way the vehicle is there to do it, if clubs want to enter the competition then by competiting in the Highland fuels cup they can clear that first hurdle, from the orkney district qualification competition 4 teams proceeded to the 2nd round which encompasses the whole highland region.


What we are asking is that the Association back clubs with the ambition to enter it with a vehicle by which to enter the competiton, we here plenty about the associaiton looking for the clubs to support it and the select team, that is a two way road.


Hope that gives you an idea behind the proposals. We are not saying they couldn't be improved on, some may on deeper discussion at the AGM be found to not fit the ambitions and aims of the member clubs, but the Club will not be accused of not trying to come up with pro-active solutions to the issues it see's affecting the Association and its members.

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Thanks for clarifying your proposals. Points 3 & 4 sound like a good idea, point 1 has mileage although I suspect there will be plenty of discussion at the AGM.


Not sure about point 2, I thought the reserve league was excellent this year. Plenty of good young players, each team able to beat anyone, games played in the right spirit. The only minor grip was the 3 sub rule as this limits the introduction of more young players.


I think it is is essential to keep the competative element of reserve team football in check and continue to use it as a means to keep fringe players fit and a bridge for youngsters aiming for A Team football. The prospect of good young players playing against worksleague teams does worry me with the potential for miss-timed challenges etc. Still it's an interesting proposal.

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