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Shetland Football 2009??


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just looking at the comments i feel sorry for the sfa because lets face it what ever you do someone is going to be unhappy as for the plans for the works league teams coming in how will they keep going with no youth system and how about trying to get burra back in


The Shetland Football association is the member clubs braveheart, the committee are elected by the clubs usually from people within the clubs to run football on their behalf. We think that it can be changed to run better and some folk dont. When the AGM comes round it'll be our job to convince the new committee and club reps of the proposals merit.


If the proposals are not accepted by those present then so be it, its not a reason to spit Ness Utd's dummy in the corner.

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Is the league set up at the monent really that bad?

Is a promotion/relegation the way forward?


Apart from Yell in the A league (sorry Yell boys) the standard of football is really not to bad.

They do not have the squad or the players to challange consistantly through the season. The best thing in my eyes would be for them and Unst to join as I have said before but it looks like it will not happen in 2009.

There are always going to be teams that are that much better than the rest take a look at any league in the world Rangers, Celtic, Man U, Chelsea, Real, Barca etc and you get teams the are not very great Derby.

Let Yell join the reserve League if they want they might get a good crop of young player come through then in a few years time when they are better equiped they can step up again.


What I see happening is to many decent players going away from the SFA into the works league.

Players that are not A team regulars but are part of a squad.

Every good team needs a good squad of players.

The problem is I don't have a answer to it.

I understand why the works league is there a who it is aimed at.

It's also very well organised and run.

But it is effecting the top league in Shetland teams are losing to many players to the worksleague.


What I Feel we should be doing is promote what we do have.

Make a big deal out of everything.

The Shetland times have been giving the football good coverage but team reports have been letting it down.

As a former player I used to love times day to see if I was ever mentioned in any match report which was rare.

lets get some good feed back from the games.

Make to Cup finals a big thing.

The Parish Cup finalist get piped out soup and sandwiches layed on afterwards make it inportant.

Followed by a big report the next week in the times how everyone played marks out of 10 and that sort of things.

Get radio Shetland and SIBC on board results and scorers the next day on the Radio maybe a weekly or fortnight report on how the season is going big games and fixtures for the week.

Every now and again list off the top 10 goal scorers if they can keep a record of it that is.

Try to get the dream league started up again look at the intrest that was shown when it was going.

People that had no idea in football took an intrest and played.

Young boy's and girls the future of Shetland football getting there Mums and Dads to put in a team for them.

It was a Shetland times idea but if they are not going to do it could the SFA not take it on?

Look at the money it raised for charity.

What ever happen to the 5-a-side indoor compitions?

Shetland Football needs to do more to make it the best most exciting league so that everyone wants to be part of it.

I no, I no we need people to do more, more people to help and to be involved but lets try and make it happen.

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The Shetland times have been giving the football good coverage but team reports have been letting it down.

As a former player I used to love times day to see if I was ever mentioned in any match report which was rare.

lets get some good feed back from the games.


You could try and get some of the games recorded with a video camera then start a youtube channel and put a goals highlight reel on once a week. Then punters like me can see whats happening :D


Just don't get me to do any of the filming my Cove Rangers footage was littered with swearing :?

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You hae some good points Marshall, but you hit the nail on the head with it needs more folk to get involved. The thing is there is nobody there to do it, last year some of the committee memebers had to double up on jobs as well as being involved in other aspects of football.


There are plenty of good ideas but there is little support because the people with them are not willing to go to the AGM with them and puit them across in the correct manner eg by putting them in writing to the secretary two weeks before.


I go to the monthly SFA meetings, of the member clubs in the association there are few that regularly attend. The ones that do attend regular are Scalloway, Delting, Celtic, Unst, and Ness. Spurs, Whitedale, Whalsay, Yell and Thistle are to varying degrees very intermitant in their attendance.



If folk and clubs have a idea on how to make things better and run smoother then by all means come along and getting involved becasue thats what it needs. That isn't a rant or getting at folk its the cold hard facts of how things work.

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The annual general meeting of the Shetland Amateur football association will be held in Islesburgh community centre on Thursday the 6th of November at 6.30pm




Anyone with an interest in Shetland football is requested to attend as the association has the following posts open for nominations.








Discipline and Registration Secretary


Fixture Secretarys for A and B fixtures


Independent members x 4




Some of the positions are eligable for an annual Honourarium.




Items for the Agenda and applications for the above posts to be submitted to the association secretary Mark Goodhand.

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The Annual General meeting of the Shetland Junior Football Association will be held on the 3rd of November at Isleburgh community centre 6.30pm start.




All written proposals for adoption should be in the hands of the secretary Brian Johnston by Friday 31st of October 2008.




Anyone with an interest in youth football is invited to attend as the association needs new volunteers.

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John Jamieson - New County manager!


Don't think that was ever in doubt!! 8)


How were your proposals received Penfold?? is the league system going to be altered?? ir is it just same old same old?? :?


Are Yell going to keep on playing next year?? :?:


Rumour has it Unst are entering a B team into the Reserve cups!!

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1) To change the rules of competition to allow new entrant teams to join the association through the reserve league. Any single team club winning the reserve division though would be promoted the next season to the premier league. Also if the bottom team in the 2009 premier league were to be a single team club they would be relegated to the reserve division.

Motion carried, (further meeting to sort out details of promotion relegation and timescale)


2) To present and administer a knock-out competition which could be entered by reserve league and works league teams.

Motion Defeated.


3) To investigate how to bring about a closer working relationship between the SFA and the SJFA.

Motion carried.


4) To allow the Highland Fuels Cup to be used as a vehicle for qualification for the Highland Amateur cup if clubs wished to enter it. At present there needs to be a Shetland qualification section winner before that team can enter the next round of the wider competition.

Motion defeated


Unst were indeed allowed to enter the B league cup which was a league cup this season played at the end of a double league.


Yell seem to be keen to continue and their rep stood for the post of treasurer and was duely elected to the post.

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Fair enough, 2/4 probably isn't to bad.


So do you think this 2 tier system could actually be a realistic part of the 2009 season??


Good to hear that Yell are still going to play on, its always a shame to have a team disappear like burra did last year and the unst/yell rivalry is always something to look forward to (as long as we win!) 8)

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I heard that the junior coonty managerial spot was put up for the vote between last years manager Derek Bradley and u16 managers Peter moncrieff and Ritchy Smith. Derek Bradley won the vote but i have heard people say that Moncrieff and Smith should have got it as they have coached the group of players coming through to the u18s since they were u12s.



What other news from the meetings? no radical changes?


Unst having a b-team? i thought that they were ment to be struggling to get an A team?

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