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Big Bannock


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Mens sprooting begins:




Tiller racing:




And some obligatory drunk teenage lasses:




I bet the girl on the right was feeling a lot worse than you this morning JAS!

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Please post more photos....


I'm a Magnie and I love Northmavine!


We (Shetland) have something special in Northmavine! don't let them block it if they don't even go to it.....we go to the BIG Bannock because we choose to ...and as such we all accept the risk (if indeed there is a risk) , life is for living and having fun, the Northmavine! folk are into having fun and living life to the full.


The Bannock will return !

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as one of the organisers of the big bannock i can tell you all that nothing is certain about next year but more than likely it will be again in one form or another,as for different organisers ,not going to happen!!!!!!!!!!!! it will be the same team or not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! couldnt be anyway else!!!!!!!!

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