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Annoying but trivial things - Room 101 stuff

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I've been driven to start this thread by the woman sitting next to me in the library who is loudly eating crisps :evil: And typing on her laptop like she's a Shire horse




Annoying things on public transport


Mobile phones :evil: Yes, I and everyone else sitting anywhere near you know you're on the train, and we don't give a frig if you're running 5 minutes late. Send a ****in text, or speak quietly.


Incredibly loud personnal stereos. Grrr (this mainly annoys me because I'm always trying to figure out what they're listening to with only the hi-hats for a clue)




Now for the two things that really boil my p***


Litter - I believe that litter dropping is the most concentrated form of ignorance know to mankind. I can't write any more or I won't be able to stop......


Umbrellas - Wear sensible clothes if its raining, and don't take up 4 times more than your share of the pavement. I've twice been cut in the face by umbrellas. I feel a small sense of victory when I see umbrellas which have been blown inside-out hanging out of bins after a windy day.


Oh no, the woman next to me in the library has started talking on her mobile :x I'm off for a fag.........

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I can't take it any more! Hence the reason for seeking out this ancient tome of wisdom. Anyroad, here goes...   Folk looking to flog their stuff in the classifieds (Facebook too) who stick the price a

What i find annoying is, When the public toilets close at 12 at the cross and the pubs close at 1 and drunk people start spilling into the cross and get in trouble for peeing up lanes? If the toilet

I didn't mean to attack Shire horses at all. In fact, they don'y annoy me at all. I quite like their hairy hoofs. They're just not very quiet at typing.....


Another thing which has annoyed me since my last post.........


People who walk diagonnaly accross busy pavements, forcing alll the sensible straightline walkers to alter course.


And people who walk out of shops straight onto a busy pavement without looking. Exactly the same as pulling out infront of someone at a junction (but thats a different thread....)


Where's my tablets.......

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I am in agreement with nearly all of that so far. Especially the umbrellas. This seems to be more of a problem South than here. Doesn't matter if it is a nice sunny day, the slightest sign of drizzle and suddenly you are blinded from both sides by ignorant pilticks walking along looking at the ground.


My personal pet peeves:-


1. Women (mostly) and their remote control placement. Why oh why do they insist on putting them on top of the telly? What use is it there?


2. Inability to dip headlights for oncoming traffic (as has been mentioned elsewhere)


3. Inability to indicate (as has been mentioned elsewhere)


4. Loads more that I can't think of just now.

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My GF says its people who can't get through a film at the cinema without buckets of popcorn, sweets, crisps, buckets of fizzy drinks etc. Are they going to expire in two hours or what?


Mine was when I was in IT Support. I had a user that used to have 4 crispbread every day for lunch. He used to eat them over the keyboard. When I used to type anything into his keyboard it sounded that an army marching by in hobnail boots. Every six months he used to go on holiday and his colleagues would take his keyboard apart and empthy out half a packet of crispbread crumbs.

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