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Annoying but trivial things - Room 101 stuff

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People who post in dialect - irritates me no end, it's got to the point where I actually don't read dialect posts because I can't be arsed to work out what the person is trying to say.


People who use no paragraph structure and/or punctuation - you know the people who post like this and go on and on and on about 1 or 2 points making no attempt to separate them and carrying on to talk about a 3rd point whilst everyone still thinks they are talking about their first point while most normal people have given up reading by this point because the point the poster was trying to make was lost sometime when they didn't bother to turn up for first year english all they need to do is throw in some text speak and Ill hunt them down and beat them with their own keyboard


People who can't find the ' key on a keyboard - This seems to be a bloody common problem from some of the forums I post on. What is worse, instead of writing "wont", "cant" or "dont" you get "won,t", "can,t" or "don't". Seriously, you wouldn't write that with a pen and paper, so why the hell do you think it's acceptable on the internet!


Text Speak on forums - whoever uses it needs a slap


When I invent a device to punch people in the face over the internet, I'll be a happy man.


Bhuy, dir nitheen wrang wi da dialect!!! :lol:


But I agree with text speak, poor grammar / spelling etc. Okay, some people can't help it but it still drives me mad - it could just be that I'm an English student, though.


But really - the English language is a wonderful thing. Use it!

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The point being as far as i'm concerned is that the Shetland Dialect as written and read is a pretty random thing that the majority of people reading this forum would find less easy to understand than the 'queens english'.


As Bigmouth alluded to it can be (and pretty certainly is in some cases) used to attempt to alienate some people from the debate.


As far as I can see dialect is written however the writer thinks it should be pronounced which can vary largely within Shetland, and being taught in school to read and write the 'queens english', I pretty quickly switch off when reading posts written in dialect.


Does that mean I now should now return to whence I came? Weel, I dunna hae far ta geng, gang, geen, dyeen, go. (delete whichever is inapplicable). Born and bred and able to trace my roots to Shetland as far back as I can go, I still appreciate the fact that every last one one of us is an incomer if you go back far enough.


You don't have to go that far back in history to find Shetlanders leaving these islands in droves. If we didn't welcome incomers we'd have a pretty bleak future ahead of us!





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....snip.... If we didn't welcome incomers we'd have a pretty bleak future ahead of us!


Thank you Muppet, you've made my day! That's the warmest thing I have heard since I came here 4 years ago.


I happened to be looking at the population figures for Unst a while back and noticed that there had been a 15% decline in numbers over just a few years. It's not a place I would choose to live, but I have to admire those that do, especially those that provide the vital services to the population, of which I am sure some will be incomers.

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Can i just stick an elbow in here and remind folk that we have threads discussing dialect, soothmoothers and 'being a shetlander' elsewhere and return this thread to whimsical irritations.


(not to detract from your, justified, flattery MuckleMooth.) :wink:


If you find my intreusion irritating, i'll come grovelling back with links to the appropriate threads but, for now, my irritation is having to find relevant threads for other folk so: :P

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Flat pack furniture's a must for room 101.


I've been struggling with a computer desk for a good part of this evening only to discover that one of the parts is wrong. It's the second time this year this has happened. Last time there was a part missing.


At least I can jury-rig it this time and don't have to repack it, carry it down the stairs, load it into the car, spend an hour in traffic, exchange it, spend yet another hour in traffic, unload it, carry it up the stairs, and then open it up to find yet another part missing!!!!


There's only one thing worse than flat pack furniture, and that's the smug question, "Are you sure you read the instructions properly?" :evil: :evil: :evil:

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I went to a Gap recently and was told they weren't allowed to stock / sell my size of jeans any more... WHAT??


I just want a pair of jeans that fit!


{If I go to a kiddies Dept. the jeans are all pink-trimmed / fluffy / sparkly - what kids want to wear, but not someone in their 40's!}


So, if being naturally small / thin is now a crime, they should also ban the sale of anything over size 18 / Lge.


Surely, the concomitant costs to the NHS of Obesity by far outweigh being thin?


I shall lobby my MP / MSPs / List MSPs / European Court of Justice!

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