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Annoying but trivial things - Room 101 stuff

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Bluebottles in the window and their refusal to fly to their doom in the Venus flytrap you've set up in the window. :evil:


pitcher plants - fantastic things, less hassle than venus flytraps and can be quite a talking point. also ideal for kitchens as they enjoy the humid atmosphere




I got ours front the duthie park in aberdeen, but there seem to be a few places on line such as http://www.easycarnivores.co.uk/site/index.php

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My vote goes to the BBC website's recent "improvements", in particular their love of the 'orrible Flash.

Consider the access to the News 24 stream:


Before "improvement":

1. Click on my link to the Real stream.

--> Media Player Classic opened up in seconds to play it;

--> using about 7MB of memory and a few percent of CPU;

--> and giving a nice 200% size pic you could see and which was not jaggy.


After "improvement":

1. Click on my link to the BBC News page.

2. Wait while Firefox opens.

3. Click on the News 24 link at the top of the page.

4. Wait while that opens.

5. Click on Flashblock logo.

6. When it starts, click on "Pop-Out Player".

7. Wait whilt a new Firefox window opens.

8. Click on Flashblock logo.

9. When it starts, close the first Firefox.

10. Resize to hide the unnecessary text guff at the bottom.

--> Now we have:

--> Firefox using about 70MB memory;

--> and about 99% CPU (I pay for the electricity it's wasting!);

--> to give either a pic too small for comfort, or a jaggy fullscreen.


Thank God for Radio 4 news. Don't even need the PC on for that and, until they "improve" radio by forcing us all to go digital, it uses very little power.


"Improvements"? Grrrrr. :evil:

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Never seen this thread before! Right up my street! Things I cannot stand:


People eating with their mouths open - no need

Noisy eaters


The noise made when someone is brushing their teeth, makes my skin crawl! Sometimes happens when I'm brushing my own as well!


Someone dragging their nails over the inside of a car roof!


Wooden ice-lolly sticks! Why!?!


People who constantly shout! My bro an dad are bad for this, even on the phone!


Sean Batty, the weather guy! would love to slap him.


And I'm sure there is more that I cannot think of at the minute!

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A word of warning about PostOffice's broadband service. They have pretty terrible support and refuse to even talk to you if you're not using their own (non-wireless, non-configurable) router (with sockets that cables just fall out of). Even if your problem has nothing to do with the router, they will use this as a get out clause to avoid dealing with your query.


The router they provide would be ok, but it's not wireless and only has a single port; so it's necessary to have your own if you want to connect more than one PC, or an X-box, etc. Also, should you switch providers, your PostOffice router is entirely un-configurable (settings are all hard-coded before they send it out) and becomes more useless than eyebrows on a snail.

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Hmm, a friend of mine got the PO BB and their router is Wireless, so not sure if that's right Fjool. However the thing proved to be an absolute pig to connect to with a Vista laptop and i gave up in the end as the laptop was only an infrequent wireless user. On XP with a netgear dongle it connected no prob.


Erm, back n topic, erm


Soap in eyes with contact lenses in! There you are now, beat that for an irritating thing. Hell on earth. :wink:

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Hmm, a friend of mine got the PO BB and their router is Wireless, so not sure if that's right Fjool.

It's possible that they've changed the routers they're distributing, or offering a different wireless service for a bit extra or something... I don't know. All I know is that the router I was asked to set up was a non-wireless one with PostOffice printed all over it.


And it is on topic... I'd put the PostOffice in Room 101 like a shot! :twisted:

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What all of it? Despite their wonderful next day delivery capabilities unknown in these parts by any other means? Their friendly counter staff? Their community spirited posties who often go beyond the call of duty, whilst suffering the wrath of otherwise innocuous canine pets?


I contest your nomination Fjool! Their BB is not rthe best but otherwise...


Now, BT on the other hand, there is a subject worse than drip fed soap in sand filled eyes. Wazzocks.

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