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Annoying but trivial things - Room 101 stuff

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Freezing cold toilet seats ..... Brrrrrrr :evil: :evil:


you men have it easy :wink:




I find it more disturbing when their warm.



:lol: :lol:


I wish ... I live with 3 males.. if its warm .. its a no go area :wink:


Pubic hair on the toilet seat.


Pubic hair in the sink, bath, shower, whatever.


Blokes that leave the seat up.


Blokes that leave the seat down. There are air force gunners that can fire a rocket through a catflap from three miles away that CANNOT take a slash through a toilet seat without splashing. Gonnae no.


Skidmarks in the bowl. 10 seconds with a bogbrush. That's really all you need to sort it. Otherwise it sets like weetabix left over night.


Folk that can't change a toilet roll.


Folk that can't BUY toilet roll.


Folk that don't wash their hands.


Oh, and ladies, when the time is upon you, do please check that there's no butcher's thumbprint left under the toilet seat.

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