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Annoying but trivial things - Room 101 stuff

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I can't take it any more! Hence the reason for seeking out this ancient tome of wisdom. Anyroad, here goes...   Folk looking to flog their stuff in the classifieds (Facebook too) who stick the price a

What i find annoying is, When the public toilets close at 12 at the cross and the pubs close at 1 and drunk people start spilling into the cross and get in trouble for peeing up lanes? If the toilet

Shetland transport making a deliveries to the Coop at 08:55


and cranes/slow trucks that feel that 08:50 is the right time to be going up the south side fo the dale golf club.

And if you ever need to take a forklift along the Holmsgarth road, make sure to do it at 8.55, 1.05, 1.55 or 5.05. And don't pull into the bus stops outside the Northlink terminal/Shetland hotel to let people past

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i hate it when you try and do something quietly at 4 in the morning so you don't wake anybody up, and end up knocking over lots of cutlery and flower pots and improbably stacked cups.

Were you drinking perhaps? I find that this annoying equation is the case;


drunken night time sneaking effort - is inversely proportional to - resultant quietness of operation

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