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Annoying but trivial things - Room 101 stuff

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^^ I'm not entirely sure what its for, or who's behind it, I've never manged to stick it out long enough yet to find out. :oops: Its been in the rotation on Yahoo.com email ads for the last 2 weeks or so, highly annoying and off-putting if you have a number of emails to read and reply to as it will come round several times.


I can put up with looking at pretty much anything for a time, but this one has definitely gotten well beyond the "enough already" stage, if it doesn't vanish in the next day or so I will look in to it about making a complaint. Thanks for the tip.


Maybe its just me, but I tend to think disembodied body parts, especially still working ones, aren't something that should just pop up on you monitor randomly and repeatedly.

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Folk that feel the need to publicly broadcast their negative opinion of Shetland and its indigenous natives. Variations of this conversation are heard in various shops, pubs and offices across Lerwick, but usually its some derisionary nyaff pontificating to their cronies on Commercial Street. Usually uttered in some nasal vernacular thoughts are aired on how crap Shetland is, Shetlanders are, and how much better off they were on the mainland.

So far I've always managed to bite my tongue rather than cordially suggest that if things were so much better down the road that they might consider relocating to whatever degenerate schemie breeding pit spawned them in the first place.

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^^ Reminds me of a piece of "back of toilet door" grafitti in the airport many years back, assumedly penned by an "oily" in transit, or a disgrunted visitor. It went something like....


"This island is an eryse, and this airport is the hole on it."


How I wished the punchline that sprang to mind 5 minutes later had been instantaneous, and I'd have added.....


"....and you're passing through it, so we know what you are!".

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BBC Breakfast. What a load of sensationalist, poorly thought-out, mental bubble gum.


They've excelled themselves leaping on the celebrity-carrion corpse wagon this morning - 10 minutes dedicated to whether or not there should be world wide legislation to make skiers wear helmets in the wake of Natasha Richardson's tragic death.


Sorry, who the hell is Natasha Richardson?! How many folk mirakle themselves everyday that don't make it into the headlines?


Still, in fairness it's not just the BBC. If this non-entity braining herself on the slopes can take the light away from the martyrdom of St Jade that has to be a good thing. The TV ads for OK magazine's "celebration of her life" were the media equivalent of blackbacks pecking out a living ewe's eyes.


Something tells me I need more coffee... :evil:

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Has anyone else ever noticed how iTunes members seem to insist on using review sections of programmes, albums etc. to moan about the fecking price without saying a thing about the actual product?! God dammit, if that's all you have to say don't bother!


I once reviewed an album but it got removed, apparently saying that the new album by the Verve made me want to hunt down Richard Ashcroft and beat him to death with his own shoes breaches the content rules on itunes.

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