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Annoying but trivial things - Room 101 stuff

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Websites that insist on registration in order to 'engage in consultation', then refuse to let you submit any questions or suggestions. Apparently this is due to "site maintenance" or "a programming error". Is it cynical of me to think that it might actually be that someone somewhere wants to have figures for how many members of the public have 'engaged in consultation' but don't actually give a damn for their opinions?

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kephas4 you've turned into a grumpy old man! Or is it just jealousy that you were never really built for PK?

I really used to love watching the crews down in dundee. Most kids have the sense to realise PK is something that takes practice. Those that don't soon learn from the cuts and bruises. Kids are pretty hard to break and they learn from getting hurt.

For a couple of years we had some amazing stunt bikes hanging out in the centre of aberdeen. It's amazing watching someone bunny hop onto a phone box. Looked really amazing. Strangely enough the kids have never been tempted to try it.


Which leads me on to my pet gripe of the day, folk who will find a way of putting down children/teenagers/young folk when they're doing no harm. Maybe some folk just have forgotten what it's like to be young?

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Heston Blumenthal

James Wong

Alastair Appleton

Horne & Corden

Ant & Dec

Anyone that's ever presented The One Show

That polished gonk that does the sport reports for BBC Breakfast (can't even get up the motivation to google the unctious little nyaff's name).

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