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Annoying but trivial things - Room 101 stuff

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here is mine then


Development workers - hear there voices to much - all talk and very little action - or if they do do somting the make sure everyone, nd apsalutly everyone knows about it to the state your ready to vomit.


NorthLink - because i can put them in there, iv never liked the unwriten attitude as "its ok we are here now" "we are the best you will ever know"


but the idea of 'free' TVs in the cabins - cheaper trips south (including a bed) then getting a bed - if you can! etc etc.


[picture adverts on the tv - same dept management duff adds that seem to never be off the tv.


slow drivers - going on a 60 road and someone tritteling along at 30 or 40 - then you have to chance an overtake.


dontated reports in the paper when people name drop themselfes and it stands out a mile, ie 'coach mrs x said' 'this is all due to the hard work of mr/mrs XX'


SIBC - its not to bad with the music but, the home made adverts and 'news' repots from only press releses or by phoning up the police, harbor trust, and the coastgard' - if only we could get a station like the independent stations south.


council bashers people who slag off the council all the time but could not do better themselves, now i know the council should be in there, but in all i think they do a no bad job - considering the mess some of the councils behave south. i think we dont know we are living.


we all think they could do with less workers - untill its our job (or someone we know) they want to cut.


the council members now this is difrent from the above i listen to them trying to do ther best but always making a back side of it on the way. it grumps me to only hear some when its an old folk story (portevting him self) or when its a pet project for themselves.

look at the mess they have made with hodge, bressy bridge, over inflated ideas on a loss making music venue etc etc


trips away - now i think its good to go to confrences and learn new ways to do things or make conections with other orgonisations. but i do not agree in a jolly to just look at this or that for the sake of it, especialy if its overseas. serten counceliers and development workers seem to be all around the worls for no reason to put shetland on the map - with people who probely could not care, and if they did they are not going do do anything.


sales in local shops - sale that just takes the price down to south prices, but made to feel they are doing you a favor for being there.


having a short memory im sure i have a lot more but can't remember them just now- i hate getting old! the older i get the more like a grumpy old man off that programme i get, soon i will be able to go on it!


Top tip from Njugle: out of interest, users reading this might be interested to know that some of sam's pet hates feature in their own threads. By using the Search function at the top of the forum page and trying, "Northlink", "Bad drivers" or "SIBC", you can find threads discussing each of these topics.


ps. Ihave no pet hates today, it was such a nice day! i suppose sunburn comes closest :wink:

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- (as already mentioned) people incapable of walking in a straight line on a pavement, and at a really slow speed, and taking up the entire pavement so you look like a mad loon trying to get past them.


- anti piracy warnings on DVD's. Hello...I bought the sodding DVD, why should I be subjected to something telling me not to steal it! and you can't skip through it to the menu.

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Anti-Piracy statement at the cinema - "You wouldn't steal a car"...shout from the audience - "I would if I could download it".


Another Anti-Piracy statement at the cinema - "Piracy is a crime"...shout from the audience - "YAAAARRRRRR"

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