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Annoying but trivial things - Room 101 stuff

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Better to just quietly nudge their trolley down the aisle a few yards.


You would think that with all the space in the car park they could have a yack out there.


My better half rarely shops me with these days as she is embarrased when I say rather too loudly, "squeeze through that small gap next to the fat woman". It always makes the gap wider though. I only have no manners when others display a lack of consideration.

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And why is Tescos always full of ugly people with sullen expressions?


I thought fowk would be rejoicing at the large range of discounted items after years of wandering round the local shops with sullen expressions wailing "If only we had a Tesco"........

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Too many years ago, when I worked in a certain street shop where humping around large boxes and crates from the backshop out through the front was a regular thing, when the front shop got crowded the most effective and semi-(un)official (well, they allowed wis ta get aff wi it) remedy was to announce kinda loudly behind the crowd, "mind yer socks...". The crowded floor parted like the Red Sea (allegedly), and damn quick.... :lol:


Don't suppose it would work so well now with jeans being the order of the day instead of skirts and socks. :?

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I save my smile for driving past the Co-op whilst thinking how lucky their shoppers are, with so few cars in the car park it must be heavenly shopping in there. Was it such a good idea saving money on the refurb before Tesco came here. The answer will be in their accounts I suspect.

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Morrissey. If I had a goat, he'd get it every time. :evil:

After this latest tirade http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/news/morrissey-compares-britain-nazi-germany-games-150836831.html, I wonder if he's got an album about to come out :ponders:

Oh no - he's about to do a tour, and has his autobiography coming out for Christmas! That'll be something to cheer the heart I'm sure :roll:

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