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The Bressay Bridge


Do you think we should build a bridge to Bressay?  

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  1. 1. Do you think we should build a bridge to Bressay?

    • Yes
    • No
    • We need more information
    • Don't know/don't care

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Do we want it? Do we need it? What about the ferry men? Is it another council white elephant or a positive development for the future? Will it be value for money?


Links to articles on the subject


SIC U-turn on Bressay bridge - 3 November 2005 from Shetland News


Rig removal firms need bridge truce - 28 October 2005 from Shetland Marine News


Bressay Bridge Consents Progress to Final Stage - 16 March 2005 from SIC


Bressay Bridge Project Visualisation from Flavour Productions


Bridge to Bressay a bridge too far? (with video clip) - 08 May 2004 from North Tonight

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Guest Anonymous

Im in lerwick - i think they should build some sort of link, bridge or tunnel im not sure - probely a tunnel if i had to vote. possible one way forward is to put the full price of running the ferry onto the price of the tickets then id expect the entire population of Bressay would vote for a link?

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Build a bridge. I've always had the impression that Bressay wanted to have its cake and eat it, being so close to the amenities of Lerwick whist remaining so willfully (and, more to the point, expensively) seperate. It's a shame about the ferry jobs, but these would be offset by the resultant construction boom in Bressay. Also, the Maryfield may have to take on more barstaff. Lerwick is running out of land and a bridge to Bressay is a far better option than blasting huge chunks out of the Staney Hill in order to create flat ground to situate the next tumours of suburbia.

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"Tumours of suburbia", i like that pert. some things never change.

Anyhoo, It's only a shame about the ferry jobs if someone can justify their existance, ie. bressay would not become a desolate ghost island without the ferry jobs, like eg. foula would.

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A bridge would be closed loads in the winter due to strong winds. A tunnels a way better idea.


The wind sheilding will ensure that the bridge is not closed for any more days than the present ferry can't operate due to high winds.

i.e. 2 or 3 days a year.

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Guest Anonymous
yeah, build a bridge to bressay...


from unst, it seems to be having a hard time of it. then if it all works out i can build my dinosaur safari park there.


Not if I make it into a seedy gambling den (a la Vegas) first... *manic laugh*

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