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The Bressay Bridge


Do you think we should build a bridge to Bressay?  

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  1. 1. Do you think we should build a bridge to Bressay?

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I was at the display in Bressay and saw a drawing with a cross section of the tunnel. I'm pretty sure there is a 2m wide walkway / cycle path proposed in the tunnel. :?


is that not just a hard shoulder incase you brake down???


I was assured by onr of the people at the exhibition that there was a cycle way/footpath. Looking on the SIC website I found this document.




Option 1 on page 4 is the one that was being put forward at the exhibition.


The tunnel would allow bidirectional traffic movement with provision for a 2m cycle way/footpath and a 1.05m hard shoulder.

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why not a single track with a speed limit of 20-30mph. if its good for unst it will work there. The tunnel is about 1500m or about a mile; a walkway is not such a good idea with the risk of fumes,accidents. it looked like the tunnel was very long on land could they not devise a surface entry system that did not involve such a nig dig, abit like a quarry road.

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I'm an outsider but I do find it strange that the council would consider spending £40m just to benefit 400 people? Why do the project's supporters feel that there is such a pressing need for a permanent link?


If the £40m proposed spend was for the benefit of only 400 people, I doubt it would have gotten past the first hurdle.


Its the development potential that is (behind the scenes of course) fuelling this. A tunnel puts much of Bressay "just a bit along the road" from the town's industrial area, and likewise puts a large part of the island as close by road to the town as Gulberwick is, which has already all but become urbanised and an extension of the town.


Such will almost certainly never be admitted publically in a official capacity, but if demand for, and the value of land in Bressay does not skyrocket as soon as all the ducks are lined up for a fixed link, I'll eat my hat.


With the exception of the Ness of Sound, which seems to have become some Holy Grail that must not be altered in any way, its the only place left reasonably close to the town for development, without heading for the hills with their accompanying greater exposure to generally poorer, and greater extremes of weather.

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As I said on the other thread they need to start doing something soon otherwise they are going to lose funding again and another x amount of thousands will be spent on "reports" and the like.


Personally I do think that Bressa is thought of as an overspill of Lerwick by some people when the fixed link (in whatever shape it comes in).


Before it was said that Bressa would get a bus service that would be in parallell to Scalloway. The way that the paper made it sound was that the bus service would end at the tunnel and folk would need to make their own way from the tunnel to their house.


Although will be asking the community council about that to clarify.


I did think that they could have run the exhibition a bit longer.

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