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The Bressay Bridge


Do you think we should build a bridge to Bressay?  

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  1. 1. Do you think we should build a bridge to Bressay?

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^^ Much of what has recently been built on at Sound and Gulberwick is former "crofts".


Not all "crofts" are or ever have been registered, it was never a mandatory requirement, and where unregistered land is involved the the Crofters Commission has no power.


In any case, especially where an owner-occuipier is concerned, and they have been made an offer they cannot refuse, circumstances can often be engineered where it becomes quite difficult for the CC not to grant an application to decroft at least some tracts of land.

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for a single house/ factory., but a whole extension to a town they would object even if they have no legal power. Owner occupied is still covered by the crofting act. still if the landowners a going to make a killing let them pay. Way to much for 400 people. The folks there chose to live on an island hence a ferry. I dont see them rushing to the aid of papa stour.

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^^ It won't happen all at once, Sound and Gulberwick started out as one house here and there, and as a few years passed one or two more here and there until it got to the stage as much land was under housing as under crofting, that's when planned building of a number of houses in schemes came along, and the CC had little grounds to object, should they have wanted to, because of the pre-existing housing density.


Sandveien, Nederdale etc were schemes driven by demand, just the same as the recently mooted Staney Hill road one is, But Westerloch and the Sound Brae were already well developed with private housing before they came along, they just filled a gap site between there and Lochside. The Staney Hill one, if it comes to fruition is again filling a gap site between Westerloch and Bruce Crescent where private development seems reluctant to venture.


Certainly if someone tried to go with a sizeable scheme on Bressay as soon as the link was in place, they'd very likely meet stiff opposition, but sell a few individual private sites here and there on Bressay over a few years, which has already been going on on a small scale since the Ro-Ro boats started, and sometime in the next 10-30 years you'll have at least a portion of the north end of Bressay, if not more, that's simply and extension of the town.

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why does this fixed link have to be to bressay?? its one of the only ferry routes that make any money but them again the S.I.C go on about saving money but they tie up the Hendra at night & run the Linga which will burn nearly double the fuel with hardly any one aboard it Josie Simpson must realise this after all was he not a fisherman??? :roll: :roll:

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When the concept of fixed links to the islands were first brought back o the fore a few years ago, the main thrust of the argument was that in the long term, the fixed links would be cheaper then continually replacing ferries every few years


The main difference with the Bressay ferry compared with the other ferries is that it is used predominately by foot passengers to commute to work and secondary school. Bressay's popuation has also built up close to the location of the ferry terminal.


If the ferry is replaced with a fixed link, all the ferry jobs will be lost, which will be a big loss to a small island. It will also be surprising if any commuters walk to work anymore. Instead of a short wlk on Bressay and Lerwick, they will be faced with a 6-7 hike to the north end of Bressay and back into town, therefore massively increasing the carbon footprint of the islanders.


So we get rid of ferry jobs in Bressay, and then have to employ at least 2 permanent bus drivers to provide a decent service. You can bet that cost has not been calculated into the equation.


When concillor Jim Irvine proposed a cap on the cost of the Bressay bridge project a few years ago, it was at a level where the report had indicated that the ferry option would be cheaper.


The gurus behind this project seem to under estimate the true cost of the fixed links and over estimate any ferry replacement programme. Ferries in Shetland seem to have to be replaced after 20-25 years whereas P&O were using ferries well over 30 years old on the Aberdeen - Lerwick run. With the good maintenance programme used by the SIC and the short crossing times, the vessels could esasily last 40 years.


They also seem to assume that every new ferry should be bigger and better then the previous one. With a staic population on the isle, maybe they should replace a Ford Focus with a Ford Focus and not a Mondeo, so to speak.

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[*** MOD EDIT - Merged to existing thread - Please use the search function before starting new threads ***]


I believe there are plans to build a bridge to Bressay!! But when??


Why stop at Bressay? Why not the other islands and dare I say it a bridge to Orkney? Okay the Orkney bridge would be a huge venture but not impossible and further than that from Orkney to Inverness. Can you imagine how tourism to both islands would prosper? Not to mention the business opportunities for islanders and those on the mainland....


Of course the airlines and the ferry company would certainly suffer and you can gaurantee that they will protest.


Bridge to Bressay? YES but lets think BIGGER!!!!!

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