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Advice on Internet required


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Hello, iam looking too buy a sky package with tv, broadband and phone.

However the broadband options are confusing me, what does this mean

1. monthly usage allowance? and what if i went over this? 2gb or 40gb?

2. download speed? 2mb, 8mb, 16mb???


also would anyone happen too know what i mite have in shetland? as this is for my flat in aberdeen so all options are available too me there.


i just want too browse, email only download pictures and bits and peices no movies or music.


Please help!!

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Depending on where you live, you are unlikely to get a full 8Mbit download, so certainly no point paying for any more than that. I have an 8mbit package and get about 4mbit on a good day (actually middle of the night is best). To be honest though, 2mbit is probably quite adequate for most needs.


As for monthly allowance... most providers will charge per Gb you go over your allowance. I have a 15gb package which I have only exceeded once; normally I am nowhere near this limit. Again this comes down to what you intend to use the internet for. Downloading movies, music and software will fairly push you over a 2Gb limit, but you'd have to be working pretty hard to exceed 40Gb in a month.


As you've said you're only browsing and downloading a few bits and pieces, you'd probably be quite fine with a 2mbit/2Gb connection if you can get a good price on this. If you find that there's not much difference in price (and depending on your ISP there might not be), opt for the 8Mbit package instead.

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I couldn't get the Sky internet/tv package at the rates they were offering, the broadband was pretty much the same price as everywhere else.


I opted for PlusNet and get 20Gb per month but unlimited between midnight - 8am. It seems ok, had a few problems with it dropping out recently but that could be me.


Justin :-)

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Yeah i see the rates for shetland go up a good bit seems we cant get the cheap package but my aberdeen fone number can


its a fiver a mnth for the mid package which is 8mb speed and 40gb downlaods so think ill go for that.


at least ill speak too them anyway


if anyone knows anywhere else worth looking let me know p.s with sky i get a free wireless modem/router etc as well

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