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How to post images on Shetlink


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Many people ask how to post pictures on Shetlink. It is really quite easy and hopefully this short guide will assist you in doing so.


There are two main ways to post an image. You can either upload it to your own webspace (included with most Internet Packages) or you can use a free image hosting provider (of which there are many).


In this example I will show you how to use Photobucket.com to host your picture.


---Sign up to Photobucket---

1. Go to http://register.photobucket.com/

2. Enter a Username of your choice and a Password and click on Next Step

3. A new page will now ask you for a few more details. Fill them in (taking time to read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy) and then click on I accept. Sign me up!

4. You will now be shown some advertising. Click on Skip this step


---Upload your image---

1. Click on the Choose files button and select the image you want to upload

2. Add a Title and Description if you wish and click on Save and Continue

3. You will now see a thumbnail of your image. Below it you will see the IMG Code. Click in this box and it will automatically copy the link to the clipboard.


---Post your image on Shetlink!---

1. In your Shetlink post, Right-click and Select Paste


When you click on Submit you should see your image in your post.



Photobucket gives you the option to reduce the picture size when you upload. It is recommended to reduce the size to 640x480 or smaller before posting on Shetlink. This allows people reading the forum to view the whole image without having to horizontally scroll the page. It also preserves the formatting of the forum and keeps us Mods happy(ish)!

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^ Click on 'My Settings' in the drop down menu from your Username at the top right, then scroll down and select the 'Notification Options' sub heading on the left side, scroll down again and in the 'Classifieds' sub heading, uncheck the 'email' box against the 'Notify me of new classifieds in subscribed categories' line.


Alternatively you can go in to each category index page in the Classifieds, and there's an 'Unsubscribe' button at the top right of the listings next to the 'Add an advert' one.

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