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Well it looks as if the Rozzers have been busy rounding up the Heroin couriers, they got £11k's worth the other week and another £20k's worth today. Makes you wonder how much of this sharn is coming into Shetland.




If I had a hat on, I would surely take it off for them. Which remids me, I need to buy a new hat now that the weather has taken a turn for the worse.


Good work i would say! Better to nip it in the bud than have 32K worth of drugs on the streets of Lerwick, quite a shock to think there is that much on our streets on such a small island.

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in any case , is it really the feds? or is it the legal system ? theres one officer at least with a jumped up attitude n at least one cid/office waller wi a warped view of the world but in general they are just folk tryin to strike a balance , its more relevant to be havin a go at where thier bosses are taking them

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Why the Lerwick bods, I thought they had a nick in Brae. Has it been closed, or were they all far too busy chasing all these alleged ne'er do wells who supposedly escape from the Petrofac commune, and wreak unspecified havoc through the nordeen hills on an ongoing basis - that nobody seems to be able to pin down exactly what they did or when.

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It beggars belief,

The police had to take a trip to Mossbank from Lerwick over a complaint about a van being parked in a disabled parking space?

What an absolute waste of police time.

they could recoup the petrol money by doing you , if you don't have a badge stay out of it , simples
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