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Financial Meltdown

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Das globale Bankensystem wankt

:-) Back in the Chancellor Kohl era I was on my way to work and caught sight of a newspaper headline. I could barely stop laughing all day and had to buy a copy. Still have the cutting somewhere. It read "Der Kanzler Wankt."

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I can't help but remember the days when the Tories were in power. At that time we were, allegedly, in a recession. Well burgerking me, along came a snappy, happy little tune (Things can only get better ... remember them all dancing along and making big fools of themselves at their party) and Colgate Kid Blair (where did his ring of confidence go?) stepped in and hey presto! - we're no longer in a recession.


Over the years we got less and less information on TV - no unemployment rates shown, hardly any mention of the FTSE; yet this information used to be shown on a weekly basis.


Then we were told for years we were spending more than we could afford but hey, it is okay for the Government to do so (and the banks, by the looks of it).


But here is the conundrum - apart all the world (okay, minus a few likkle countries) are in a recession ...


... erm me wonders if that then cancels it out? Regretably, I can't remember what my economics teacher said (good god, I know what a supply and demand curve is from doing O level economics) in an event such as that ...


Any suggestions? Well I've got one. Okay, err on the side of caution but not complete paranoid "oh my God, a recession is gonna hit us" because as can be seen (or was it hidden from us?) from the day Blair came to power, a recession can disappear overnight!!!

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If you cast your mind into the coming years, do you think there could ever be another boom like we have just had? and do you think there is enough worldwide resources to sustain another one? I personally dont think there is, no where near it, a cut in the standard of living is on it's way no matter what. Things are different this time round as far as I can see.

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If you cast your mind into the coming years, do you think there could ever be another boom like we have just had?


I'm terribly sorry but scrying is not an option as my crystal ball has been seized by the bailiffs for not paying my income tax due to exhorbitant bank charges.

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Its all a Grand Plan going to Plan.


check out the Bilderberg Group


main objective to wipe out 80% of the population then set forth an Orwellian hell hole which we can already see forming. members such as Queen of the Netherlands, Rumsveld, Hilary Clinton and yes just recently Obama went to one of their meetings.

When Hilary was asked about the group she totally denied knowing what it was and ever having gone to their meetings. Brown was also at the same meting as Obama and Hilary (who is to be the new secretary of state?).



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When did we have the last real boom ?


I remember the recession of the 1980's and we've been suffering from it ever since.


Yes yes I know the offical figures say things got better, but if you actually visit (Like I do..) towns around the country over the years and revisit them, your see them shrink to a former shadow of themselves, endless closed shops, what are open is the odd pound shop, factories closed, most depressing.


I saw a TV programme recently which painted a rosy picture of another country, Chile, how things really improved there, yet when I read another view of the country, it paints rather a different picture...


Made me think about the UK and how we are constantly told things are better now than they have ever been, sure for those few with money, those at the bottom aren't really doing as well as you might think and the numbers are increasing..


For those interested:





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Fro the Global Warming Thread:


There is not point in trying to talk sense to you. You've been converted into "one of them". The Government have lied to us about everything; iraq, afganistan, iran, recession("credit crunch" my ass), 9-11, 7/7, "War on Drugs", "War on Terror"(which is really a war on freedom and democracy), John Charles de Menezes and about Man Made Global Warming...i truly hope you see the light.



You'd better believe that one. Things are looking pretty grim as it stands, but I can assure you it will get a lot worse before there's any sign of improvement. I don't think the pound, or Britain's pride, will ever fully recover from this crash. We should have joined the Euro when we had the chance.


1 Euro is now worth 89p and falling on a daily basis.


adjusted figures--thanks for pointing that out Crofter

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