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Packs of bacon


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I have a packet of Tesco Unsmoked Lower Salt Back Bacon and it has, or rather had, eight rashers in it. There are currently five left, three having been consumed.


The interesting bit is that says on the packet that there are '8 rashers average'.


Now does that mean that the bacon is of average quality as opposed to the really good stuff? No, it surely means that on average there are 8 rashers in each pack which implies that you may find packs with more or less than eight rashers. What are the odds of Tesco giving you more than the advertised amount - pretty low I would think but for there to be an average of eight, there would need to be an equal number of 7s and 9s.


This reminds me of the statistic that we have on average less than two legs.

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I noticed they had lettuce and baked potatoes on the menu at Sumburgh airport yesterday. Just in time for .....Winter? Still it caused quite a stir as the healthy option is usually scotch pies and re-fried chips.


Don't suppose it'll happen again in my life-time.... :cry:

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They are made into packs of 7, because bacon is packed in 1/4 lbs, 1/2 lbs or lbs. 6 or 8 was thought to be the average to give you half a lb ish, so over time people just rounded it and made it 7 for continuity. The only reason I know that is cause I used to work in a butchers, I'm not a nred... OK, that's a lie, I'm a massive nerd, but anyways...

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Guest Anonymous

I love the bacon in Norway. As well as the rashers, (which are fairly standard and always 6, 8, or 12 to a pack), you can buy bacon prepacked in lumps and slice it to the thickness you want. Makes a darned good fry-up.

Now, if I can only find a Norskie sausage with more than 64% meat content, the fry-up will be perfect. :D


And speaking about frying things, since eggs go with bacon.

Norwegian hens only seem to know how to lay eggs with white shells, and when I was young I can remember Shetland hens laying white shelled eggs. But can anybody tell me why a white shelled egg is such a rarity in Shetland these days :?:

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Ooh there is nothing like a good bacon roll.


My Sister, who has been a veggie for over 20 years, says the only things she misses is bacon rolls and tuna.


As for the packs it does get a bit annoying when it says x amount of rashers and there isn't. We used to get our bacon from the farm shop or farmers markets so found that we didna really have that problem.

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