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Dental caries


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Anyhow, he proceeded to drill and my son stopped in because he was in pain. After the 3rd 'stop' the dentist gave up and has reffered him to a dentist who specialises in nervous cases (or at least may take the time to help)



I've had similar experiences with a dentist up here. I don't think I'll be back to him as we are liable to come to blows.


He refered me to the dental surgeon after the last time when I was shouting in pain during an extraction. I waited nearly a year. It took the dental surgeon half an hour to get my tooth numb before he could get it out and he discovered an abcess that had caused the pain the previous time.

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sounds like they didnt clean the cavity before filling them. to get an infection under the tooth there has to be a way for the bug to get there. not your fault or your kids. the dentist did not spend long enough cleaning and disinfecting the wound.


This is what I suspect, but I don't know if I should do something about it or not. How do I find out for sure that this is what happened? I tried asking the dentist about it and like I said, he just said "sometimes these things happen." I don't like confrontation, but we're talking my child's dental care here! I'm toying with the idea of just paying for private care for him but I don't think we can afford it really, what if the NHS treatment is perfectly fine and it was just my letting him brush his own teeth for the last year or so that did it. Perhaps the high volume of patients the NHS dentists have to see means they are not giving each child the due care and attention they require? I want to get to the bottom of this "so I don't make the same mistake again."


Or maybe I'm just being an overprotective parent.

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I'd suggest asking a few other dentists.


Never take the word of a single one, its like listening to a car mechanic when they tell you your need to spend £600 fixing a problem when in reality you only need to spend a fiver!


Personal recommendation works well (Its how I got my current dentist, previous ones I've not been happy with.) and going private doesn't necessarly mean your going to get a better one!


Also, medical science is not 100% so you might just be unlucky so to speak. (Hence asking other dentists if your dentist sounds like they know what they are doing or not.)



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eh hello?

live in Shetland, not some city in England.

3year waiting list for NHS dentist

6month wait for check ups.

Most expensive private dentist I've ever had the misfortune of speaking to.

Sorry mate but sometimes get a clue!!!!


we're in scotland dentist are gold dust

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not brushing properly would cause the hole. but if there is no active decay then its not the brushing. the dentist would have pulled the teeth in the past if they were very bad they dont like doing that any more. if you have more problems with your dentist you have the choice of complaining to the health board but lets face it you wont get anywhere. the other id try montfield and explain the problem. ive had loads of fillings and every tooth ive had to have out was because of the filling failing. treat them as a delay to the teeth being pulled.

there is this coating that they can coat the teeth with that has been shown to reduce the amount of fillings needed. try boosting your kids calcium levels this may help with their adult teeth but even if it does not it wont hurt them.

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doesn't mean you have to put up with shoddy treatment though. Went through years of pain due to a well known butcher.

depending on practice see if you can switch to different dentist. Make sure your children get to see the hygienist - for brushing tips etc. If your surgery wont do that service go to the one in toll clock, they may be expensive but the hygienist is good with kids. They'll also do check ups so you've got a list to go to your own dentist (not something I'd advise though)

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Are we allowed to name and shame bad dentists here ?


Or only recommend the good ones ?



I must put on my todo list for the future, hire a decent dentist!


How many patients can one dentist usually cover ?


Can I suggest Mr Jarman that you read this thread http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=991

me ma mum and peerie sister have bin on a waiting list fir 3 years just tae register wi a dentist


or maybe a newspaper might get through, try Good news: You'll get NHS dentist for toothache agony. Bad news: You're 6,836th on waiting list

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