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Electric tech could make plugs obsolete

"Wiricity" is the latest buzzword being used by a US firm that hopes to make the electric plug a thing of the past.


The technique uses magnetic fields to transmit electricity to a mobile phone, a radio or even an electric car without the need for plugs and cables.

Video at the link above. Please, boffins of the universe, make this happen!

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Couldn't think of a better place to stick this! It's along the same line as that weird computer centre emails jokes that go around:


Operator: "Please press the any key"

User: "Where's the any key?"

Operator: "Doh!"


I didn't think these things were possible before I turned up for work today. Sat down at my desk and the Busines Support guy that sits opposite, now since a couple of weeks as our department is shuffled around 'yet again', looked at me and goes - "Check this out! Eh? Can you believe??!".


Man .. look at this ---> Magnetic media in an optical drive! I mean .. eh? WHIT?!?!?



Pair of us, through not trying to wet ourselves, spent 30 minutes to sort it out. :?

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Auto Socks

not BO now CO

If you dont wash your tyres




Bits of "Post Office" rope or two or four folds of polyprop baler twine tied tightly around the tyre via holes on the rim in the same positions as the red webbing on these things do the same job, for £49.95 less cost. A reasonable help on snow, but not much on sheet ice.

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