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Yes indeedy, the good old Commodore.


The peripheral port on the rear could attach all sorts of wonderful dangly bits. If you so much as touched the keyboard when anything was attached it would reboot, but apart from that it was great.


Don't you recall the 1541 floppy disk drive, or the Mps801 Dot Matrix printer, or the Alphacom 81 thermal printer?


Replaced it with a C128 eventually. Twas the bees knees.

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I started with a ZX81. When you finished typing an A4 page of code from a magazine and the 16k RAM pack attached to the back wobbled and you lost everything it would wear thin.


Then came the Vic20, Dragon32, Spectrum 48k and 128k, then a couple of Sinclair QLs.


Eventually I got an Osborne 1 and a daisy wheel printer which took 3 minutes to print a page of A4.


Eventually I got a PC and spent the next few years trying to keep mine working. Then I looked after a couple of networks of them. It was always a thankless task and something that I am glad I don't do any more.


I used to keep a Mac Classic as a door stop, but I recently bought myself a Mac Powerbook.


When I visit my girlfriend she boots up her PC and there is always some drama. Spell check not working, no connection to the internet, crashing applications and a myriad of other problems.


I haven't tried to sell her the Mac idea, but she sees how I just sit down and work whilst she spends and hour trying to get it working first.


If it wasn't for the difficulties getting her software in Universal Binary flavour she would have a Mac now.


I wouldn't go back to PCs. I have tried many OS', every flavour of Windows since 3.1, Linux, SunSolaris, RISCOS and various portable devices, but the Mac has without doubt been best. It just works.


I have always been willing to help PC users out with their problems, but it started taking over my life so I wont touch them now.

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.....but the Mac has without doubt been best. It just works.


I have always been willing to help PC users out with their problems, but it started taking over my life so I wont touch them now.


I've never owned a microsoft pc, but i've spent more hours sorting out basic probs on friends/family pc's than i have learning about potential prob's on the Mac! I'm still willing to help others, but i have difficulty stopping myself from regurgitating the old mantra "See, this is why i bought a Mac"


Ever setup a Mac-PC LAN BigMouth, or anybody? I'm about to attempt this........ am i crazy?

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Doing this as a by-product of having 1pc+ 1mac connected through a broadband router.

I'm presuming to go peer to peer, but if i get away with it i may dabble in trying to have a server.


Shared printers is also an ambition.


Thanks for the 'vote of confidence' :D

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Just be careful about switching off firewalls on the inside (your network) if you haven't got the firewall switched to on on the router.

Just a follow up:


I think i see what you mean there.


Any hoo, getting the Mac to connect with a shared space on the pc,i succeeded in doing, and it seems to work backwardly too, ie drop something into the folder on the mac desktop and it appears on the pc.


However, getting the pc to see the mac aaargghh! I hate "wizards"! why can't i just work with settings and be done :evil: I have given up for a while. I will look at it again but it was getting too annoying.


ps I think the printer is a non starter to do directly as i can't see a script on the mac to run it.


pps the server addresses were not as i foresaw them to be and it took abit of rooting around to stumble on the right one.

pps That site is very helpful but i fear maybe a little out of date? (or maybe i am) The screenshots don't match up, especially for the pc side of things. This may be why i struggled.


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What make/model is the printer?


Is it connected to the Win box?


If it is and you are trying to print from the Mac you should be able to set up the printer as a shared resource. I bought a network adaptor for my printer to avoid these hassles.


The other (easier initially) option is to Print to PDF on the Mac and use the application whose name escapes me (DropCopy perhaps?) to fire the file over to the PC. You could have a folder where you know that everything there needs printing on the PC, print it and delete the file afterwards.


You could FTP it instead of using DropCopy (or whatever it is), but that is getting overly technical.


The connection of Macs/PCs was covered in depth in Macworld mag a few months ago. I will have a look at it tomorrow and see if I can glean any information.

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Lexmark X75,


connected to the window box. (that's pretty funny by the way, i can't believe i've never heard that before! :D )


The mac has a printer too, but it is less reliable (colour-wise) than the X75, hence the notion.


The "connect to server" function on the Mac seems to enable tranfer to a shared folder.


All info greatly appreciated!


Later addition: Scratch the "it seems to work bit" It worked with on doc that i took off the web, now it is telling me that i do not have privilleges to move items from the mac, i can still get docs from the pc, which is exactly what i wasn't trying to do, Doh! possibly a firewall issue hmmm... back to the drawing board.

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That's interesting.


Not so long ago Apple were keeping firmly tight lipped about the whole thing. Their attitude seemed to be "well if anybody can hack it, we're just going to pretend we didn't notice".


As you say though Bryan, can't see why anybody would want to buy a Mac only to sully it with XP.

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This could be a partitioned disc evolution.


After so much success in the OSX/Classic partition maybe this could be another way to enhance your mac, so when you launch an XP app then it would start XP through the partition, whilst really still running on OSX.


Analogy about the subject, like feeding an olympic athlete on Macdonalds.


I'll not be supersized anyhoo..... :wink:

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