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An amusing film indeed. Someone posted that link earlier in this thread (on the 1st page I think), and I stand by what I said back then! None of the things he's ranting about has ever happened to me while using a Mac, but almost all of them have on a PC :wink:

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James showed it to me ages ago, suppose thats where he got it from.


I know i didnt agree with all of it either - never had problems with any of those things i dont think, thought it was humorous.

This is a response someone made to it, its a bit rubbish, but backs up the point that first one isnt true: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=9095891090353463986

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I love my mac, sad but true.

I have just had a whole, entire day of trying to get a new digital camera connected to a PC for somebody, with such highlights as:

Canon release notes say the camera should connect to XP without installing drivers, XP updated to very latest verrsion, including non-priority updates, say no chance. Here, try a wizard instead (I HATE WIZARDS!!!! :x ) which, you guessed it, doesn't work.


I await a reply from "technical support"


I could go on at great, great length about all the things i've tried with drivers and stuff, uninstall, (14 components) re-install, but to summarize; the camera knows it is connected to a PC, the PC acknowledges that a camera is present, but no software, new or otherwise, will recognize that there is an external storage device present or access the pictures.

If i ever meet Bill Gates, he's in serious trouble.

Everything i have ever connected to my Mac has either done so successfully without installing anything, cameras, webcams, printers, external hard drives,or for instance, graphics stuff i had to install software to operate included amazing extra system apps which made me go "wow, that's brilliant".


How do you PC people put up with it? i'm at the end of my tether ever time i go near one! Cripes, reading back over that, i'm so fried i'm barely coherent :(

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New windows Photo format. Ignorant pr*cks, Ooh yes, lets invent a new photo format that excludes all non-MS formats. :roll:

That'll fairly improve web-browsing then, won't it.



It is typical Microsoft Engineering. They are starting to lose the market share so doing something like this and building it into Windows so that people automatically use it, means that more people use Windows to enable them to see their Granny/Aunt/Brother/Father's photos etc...


They used similar tactics with other software such as Microsoft Office. Every now and again they would change the file format so people had to upgrade to open their business colleagues files etc...



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Not arguing either way, but just to say:


My XP machine hasn't crashed for.... uhm... ever. Seriously. Certain programs might have fallen over, but XP has always recovered leaving everything else running. I'd agree that previous versions of Windows were unstable, but XP is pretty good.


I've never had a virus or trojan. Tempting fate here I know, but it's the truth.


I use my PC a lot and can do everything I want with it. Yes, even the 'Mac' stuff like Photoshop, audio-processing, 3d-modelling and so on.


If I feel like it, I can switch to running Linux instead; from one boot to the next. Windows is not a compulsory part of a PC machine; just one among many options. The whole OS argument is invalid since it's not the OS which defines the PC, imho.


Part of the problem is that I can only say these things because I know what I'm doing with my PC. If I didn't then I'd probably have lots of trouble; I've seen friends and relatives have many issues, so I appreciate the PC isn't perfect.


This is where the Mac is good; you can know very little about it and not have many problems - the PC does require more experience to use correctly. The converse of this is that the Mac seems to be a complete PITA if you want to upgrade, or tinker, or do unconventional things with it.


Just a perspective, not an anti-Mac statement.

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