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Moving to Shetland


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Ok, I may have taken that a little far...........


You do know you can go to a pub and not drink?


I apologise, I didn't mean to insult, you just appear to be tarring everyone with one brush!


I have grown up and lived in a very rural area, so believe me, I know what its like!


Do you mind me asking where abouts you live?

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^^ No worries. We all get defensive sometimes, especially if we're passionate about something we love.


I didn't mean to appear to tar everyone with the same brush either, I admit I don't know a lot of people but those that I do know fall into the categories I've mentioned and are very happy there. I'm on the westside. I too grew up in a very rural location, but in backwoods Canada, and I must say rural Shetland is substantially better off. The facilities in this village are great with the school and the leisure centre and the hall, it's just... I don't know. Apart from the school none of the facilities seem to get used much for social functions. If you go to the Leisure Centre you'll often have it to yourself. And even if something is organised it's quite often cancelled - I remember this summer being devastated because a rarely occuring Tea had been cancelled - I had been looking forward to it for yonks! I might just be having a moan, but that's the way I've been feeling for quite some time. Very socially isolated.

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Creating your own new social group is something not to forget, you may well find there are others who have an interest in starting something.


Otherwise we'll all sit around waiting for someone else to start a group :-)


I'm also a practical teetotaller, though do go to pubs with friends, but only drink cola (Which is awfully expensive!), and don't smoke either.



Thats one reason why I like to peek at peoples forum profiles online to see if they have included any hobbies/interests.

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Some negative views? :roll:


Can't see many positives there! Apparently all us country are alcohlic, drug abusing crofters! :x


Would make quite a decent film that actually....


It's called Deliverance, should check it out.


It has to be said being from a part of Shetland that isn't the sprawling metropolis of lerrick I always laugh when the toonsers call me a hillbilly. I mean come on now Lerwick is hardly Paris is it.


As for highlighting the negatives of living in Shetland, why bother, if they come up and hate the weather they can always leave again.

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Hello there Becky.


Living in Shetland isn't really different from living anywhere else in the UK. Pros and cons, but all is a compromise. And people are pretty much the same no matter where in the world you go.


Personally, the best of Shetland is its stunning scenery, and the worst is the expense of living here.

(And if you plan to have family and friends visit or vice versa you should be aware how expensive travelling to and from Shetland can be).


Crime rate is low, but all is relative..I have only been a victim of crime twice, but both times happened here.


In other words, it won't be any better or worse then where you live now, except with windier sheep maybe. As for quality of life...sometimes its not where you live but where your head is that determines your happiness.*


Good luck, whatever you decide to do.


*does not apply to Gaza Strip before some bright spark points that out.

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Guest Anonymous


As a Shetlander I am fairly disgusted with some of the negativity which has been posted in this topic, and I couldn't blame you if you thought that the forum members here were indicative of Shetland in general.


Well, Thank God they're not.


Those who have posted replies so far are only a minority of those who frequent Shetlink, and Shetlink only represents a minority of Shetland anyway.


Thankfully Shetland is a much nicer place than is indicated by this forum. And I think, with very few exceptions, you will find online forums never portray the true nature of the place or subject that they are supposed to be representative of.


Now that I live outwith Shetland I am at great pains to tell people who nice the place is. But it makes me very sad that this forum appears designed to destroy the image of Shetland. And some of the most vocal forum members appear to take great pleasure in doing so.


My advice is simple Becky. If you want to find out about Shetland visit the place and speak to real Shetlanders. Most of whom:

a) Don't bother with Shetlink.

B) Don't know what Shetlink is.

c) Have been members but no longer post, because of some who do.

d) Don't have a computer.

etc. etc. etc


Rant by an ashamed Shetlander over.


Now, I'll get my coat, before the hate mail starts. :arrow:

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beckb how old are your children??, as for your husband getting a job im pretty sure he would get a job very easilly (well you would at jhb they seem to give jobs to anyone, me included :lol: ) as said the rural life in shetland can be a little bit boring to say the least unless you are prepared to travel around and do lots of things, the leasure facilities are excellent, as said there is a multi million pound leisure centre in aith that gets very little use but is mainly for the kids from the school to do pe in as its a stone's throw away :D would you get that south??? i wouldnt think so :lol: as said the education in shetland is second to none

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Auld Rasmie:


I'm sorry you found my post so negative. I could make things up and paint a rosier picture than I have experienced, but I don't particularly care to lie. Overall I have found Shetland and Shetland folk to be very nice and welcoming. I am friendly with my neighbours, and they with me. Only when it comes to entertainment where kids can be involved do I find living in rural Shetland quite... lacking. I have become used to being isolated. Then again, one makes ones own entertainment. That was only my opinion, as a soothmoother who has lived here for nearly a decade. On the rare occasion I leave Shetland I become quite homesick for the place and can't wait to return. However, as a non-driver I wouldn't know how to get more involved with the community even if I wanted to.


edited for grammar.

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Work probably not a problem, schools and leisure centres good and they will soon make a start on building the cinema. Shopping a bit limited but there is always the internet.........well there is when you can find somewhere that delivers to Shetland.


Winters can be a bit dire.........or majestic if you prefer and the long long summer days are good. Never far from the sea so scenery is good.


Just one problem. Housing. If you are thinking of renting then what is available is limited and expensive and there is a long wait for council houses. If you can buy then prices are not so bad and there are some good bargains in need of a bit of repair.


As a family with skills then perhaps somewhere like Fetlar might be worth investigating as they are trying to increase the population.


Certainly you must come and look first.........and remember the ferry crossing is long and can be very rough.......12+ hours.

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