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Pizza Topping Suggestions

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I used to work in an Italian take-away in Fife that offered a 'haggis pizza'. This consisted of a chip-shop style haggis thinly sliced over the top of a bog standard cheese & tomatoe base. In the spirit of experiment I discovered that a much lighter and actually better tasting option was to use black pudding in place of the haggis.


Other things on the menu were the fruit pizza (maple syrup as sauce base, with sliced apple, orange and pineapple under a sprinkling of mozarella).

There was also the migraine inducing chocolate pizza. This again used maple syrup to begin with, then two packs of mini-rolos, a chopped mars bar and a crumbled flake. A handful of mozarella over the top helped to stop the pizza burning. Disturbingly, those things sold really well.

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