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Zombie apocalypse

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The dead walk, zombies are roaming the town and country, civil order has broken down, people are grouping together for survival armed with whatever they can muster.


What would you do?

where to go?

what to get armed with?


according to christians and muslims we are living in the end times, zombiegeddon is coming and we need suggestions. Do we hole up in fort charlotte and wait for the inevitable Romero style overrun by shambling dead people who want to eat us or do we take to the hills and carry on some sick guerrilla campaign aganst our undead brethren?

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I'm all for the armed to the teeth come get some approach to dealing with zombies.


Top tips for zombie armageddon.


1.) Don't get too hemmed in to any one position be able to leg it if needs be. Even shoot a slightly wounded comrade in the leg to give the zombies something to eat and slow them down.

2.) Don't count on them being Romero zombies they might be able to run fast like Snyder or Boyle zombies. If so a shotgun is a better close combat weapon.

3.) Try if possible to have a mechanic or engineer with you as you might need to be able to get vehicles to work.

4.) Never stand beside boarded up doors or windows telling your muchachos "I think we lost them" always ends in tears.

5.) Don't count on an island being a safe haven.

6.) If you're going to go out in a blaze of glory take as many of those zombie mofos with you as you can.


And remember shoot them in the head, or decapitate if you have issues you need to vent.

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Yeah Zombies can survive underwater. What you want is a really big fence, or two beside eachother and before that (on the oustide) a deep trench that's reinforced with concrete. Then whenever the Trench starts filling up with zombies, you burn them. It's going to be ok.

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^^zom-rom-pish more like :wink:


zombies are all about blood n gore not soppy luff n stuff!

I beg to differ! Otherwise, there wouldn't be such wonderful (?) things like the Zombie Love Making Kit. I particularly like item number 10 "A Paper Bag: Your undead boyfriend or girlfriend might not be looking as good as she used to."


Zombie love is forever.

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Zombie defence would be simple. Big screen Big Brother series box set broadcast. They'd gravitate from miles around and be trapped in the scintillating mesmeric entertainment.



Failing that a tank mounted flail would suit me, like the mine-sweeping ones. A strimmer of sorts, weeding out detritus. Efficient, safe and mobile. Machine-gun to releive boredom and plenty of screenwash aboard.

Save on ammunition and flame throwers for the rise of the post zombie apocalypse chav anarchy insurrection.

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