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Lunar Rainbow/Moonbow

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Me and my boyfriend were so fortunate enough to witness a Lunar Rainbow in Tresta Voe, stretching from Semblister to Bixter roughly.


It happened about 9pm last night (Oct 16th) and was the first time we had ever witnessed such a phenomenon.


I googled it and came up with some results (good ol wikipedia)




I just wondered if anyone else has seen a Moonbow too?



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I've seen one before. Weird thing to see; like looking at a monochrome rainbow - but not quite; couldn't tell if the thing actually had colour, or whether I was just imagining those.

Moonbows are coloured, it's just that the colours are difficult to make out due to the low light levels.

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I've always wanted to see one of those.


I suppose you can get them in doubles and triples too ?


(I've only seen a triple normal rainbow once.)



I pondered once it would be nice to have a rainbow making machine, though enquiries suggest I'd need planning permission and it might be illlegally a hazard to planes :-(

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