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Dodgy Song Lyrics


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Kristofferson used that word in The Pilgrim:Chapter 33


"He's a poet, he's a picker

He's a prophet, he's a pusher

He's a pilgrim and a preacher

And a problem when he's stoned"


Don't recall it causing any fuss at the time.

It was the 'Live on TV bit' that caused the problem with Sunday Morning Coming Down. Especially since Johnny's show was so popular. :wink:


I can't fault a song that contains the classic line "The going up was worth the coming down".


Sheer poetry from the Great Man.

100% Agree with you there. :D :D

Kristofferson's album 'Me & Bobby McGee' was the first cassette I ever bought.

In the days when your car either had an ITT KB, shoebox type cassette player, lying in the back window sill. Or, if you were really into music, you fitted a PYE autoreverse cassette player, which cost more than the old banger it was fitted in. :lol:

Ahhhh.. Nostalgia...

Sorry, going off topic. :oops:



Hell yeah, the ITT KB and the PYE, fitted in a Cortina 1600E if you were really flush. Du must be aboot my age, Rasmie.

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I remember when I was working at the Catch I used to get truly dreadful songs stuck in my head, usually in time to the rattling of the machinery. Deciding to share my misery I reminded one of my colleagues about a particular song, much to his misery. I then told him that every morning at 7.00am when he clocked in, that would be the trigger for the song to start in his head. I can't remember the particular song in question now, but the trigger system worked a treat :twisted:

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I was speaking to a russian lass once and whilst trying to think of russian-related topics to keep the conversation going, I asked what she thought of Tatu who were in our charts at the time. She wasn't too proud of her countryfolk. Dodgy lyrics were the problem. Apparently one of the songs has a bit that when translated to english means: 'Monkey... Monkey... Your buying...'


But really, the lyrics were never the main point of interest over here were they?!

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Now, it's taken me a while to crack on this one, but upon hearing Mylo's "Drop the Pressure" again today I finally looked up the lyrics on the interweb and I was right! It does say "mother f******" all the way through! :shock:


Over and over again!


That tune was played on Radio One continually when it came out!


Its an outrage!


I'm writing to Michael Grade AND Mary Whitehouse and I shall post it on my way the the local haberdashery, after I buy my edition of the Daily Mail for some balanced and topical news.




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Sleepychef, i hoped you were wrong but OH MY GOD!!!


"So come on and give it to me anyway you can

Anyway you want to do it, I'll take it like a man

Oh please baby, please don't leave me in this jam Mickey"


Deary deary me!!


I find the lyrics of most music these days kinda terrifying as already meantioned..."your sex is on fire" you wanna see a doctor mate, a course of antibiotics should clear that right up!


But the much spoken about lyrics of Nickelback:


"Look at this photograph

Everytime I do it makes me laugh

How did our eyes get so red?

And what the hell is on Joey's head?"


Well, not exactly Shakespeare is it?

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Just stumbled across this thread now, have to add the Greased Lightning song...


"You know that ain't no s**t we'll be getting lots of t*t"


"You know that I ain't bragging she's a real p***y wagon"


"You are supreme, the chicks'll cream, for grease lightning"


Completely dreadful.

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