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Hi everyone...


Not sure if this has been asked somewhere before but I wondered if anyone had tried hynotherapy up here? I know it is available as I used to work at the Times and I remember typing up the adverts. I just wondered if anyone had tried it and if they had any success?


I'm thinking about trying it for quitting smoking and if they can help stop me reaching for the cookies whenever I get bored that'd be great too!! But then again...it's hypnotherapy...not miracle work.


Any advice/success stories/words of warning appreciated.




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Guest posiedon

Like all the other quackery that is is advertised in the Shetland Times, I would give it a miss.

What is it about these Islands, that we have so much of this pseudo scientific nonsense advertised in our newspaper? Are Shetland folk more gullible than the UK in general?

We have, Chiropractors that call themselves Dr (not allowed) unless they have a genuine medical qualification (are you reading this "Dr" (*** Mod - Name removed ***)? If you are, could you please tell me, do you have a medical qualification? Or should I be reporting you to the ASA?

And as for "Rolfing" practitioner, WTF! These people are no different to the guys that used to come knocking on your door (always in a white van :) ) and sold you an odd pair of shoes.


I expect, and look forward to some flak from the crystal gazers :lol:

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Thanks, tlady. I've removed the name of the alleged non-doctor. I'm sure there must be a way to check before spreading rumour on Shetlink, posiedon. If someone is using their qualifications to advertise their services with, then I believe they have to provide references to back this up.


Why not just ask directly?

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There's a lot to be said for an open minded approach.


Hypnotherapy offers a non-chemical change of behaviour if you are willing to go along with it.


The old cliche does always apply though - you have to want to do it and the only person who can change your behaviour (ie smoking) is you.


A hypnotherapist can certainly assist but you have the ultimate control over what you do. There is always a choice.

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I know one of those, down here that is. She offers a money back promise if it doesn't work, so you can't ask fairer than that.


Her last client though it didn't work..


And she knows of people who suffered a mayor personality change (For the worst.) from seeing others, so I'm not sure its risk free.



Perhaps learning meditation might help, and for those not wishing to spend ages learning how, a cheating method:





There are some theories that some people self medicate by smoking, so you might need to replace the addiction with something less harmful as you might still need something to help you through the day.

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It worked for me. As I understand it a hypnotist implants an idea in the brain and that idea can help give the mind some extra strength to resist the temptation to smoke as well as lessening withdrawal symptoms. Probably not going to work for everyone but certainly worth trying if gum, patches and stop smoking clinics have failed.

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Like all the other quackery ... pseudo scientific nonsense

I agree with the general point regarding Shetland Times new age adverts, but I think hypnotism and acupuncture are both nowadays in the category of reasonably well accepted science, not para or pseudo. Both seem to be able to produce statistically significant real results under rigorous controlled conditions.


I've never been hypnotised, but one doctor (to my complete surprise) started sticking acupuncture needles in me once for pain relief. Again to my surprise the results were remarkable. I was also well impressed when I saw a film of a Chinese guy having a lung tumour removed through his back with only acupuncture anasthesia.

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Having worked at the Times (as I said) the people advertising as doctors are doctors or they wouldn't be allowed to advertise...well not to my knowledge anyway.


As for the hypnotherapy...I think it's someone who lives here who does it. Not that I'm saying all shetlanders are trust worthy but at least I'd have a come back I guess.


paying a hypnotherapist to cure something that willpower can cure just sounds silly to me


It probably does sound silly to someone who has willpower...but I'm weak as a really weak thing when it comes to smoking!!


Thanks for all the advice...I think I might try it...got to be cheaper than smoking in the long run! And I guess there is a fifty fifty chance it'll work.

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