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There is a fully qualified person here in Shetland,check out phone book or phone Market House 743900. Expensive I think but have heard it works :D


That's the problem. People say it works, but who's to say that its not all just in your head? Watch "Bloody Mary", the south park episode to get a better idea of what I'm saying:



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That's the problem. People say it works, but who's to say that its not all just in your head?

I think that is is indeed all in the head, but where else would or should it be? When it works it does so by accessing the subconscious mind.

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It's a problem with your software and can be fixed!

Knowing software development very well, and having witnessed the problems that can arise from operation on half-knowledge, I'll just point out that the brain is infinitely more complicated and variable than any computer. If I believed the claims of hypnotherapy (I don't), I certainly wouldn't let someone mess around with my brain, no matter how well intentioned they are.

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..of course it's in your head!


Where else is it going to be?


Everyone is a product of the interactions between the conscious and subconscious mind. This means any person who wishes to admit it has the ultimate control over any action and reaction they take. However the subconscious mind takes more work to change and that is where hypnotherapy works. If it were down to the conscious mind then sheer willpower would be all it takes. The number of smokers and drinkers who constantly say "I really should stop this" (and mean it but never do it) are the proof that willpower just doesn't usually hack it. If it does then good on you but the rest of us need a bit more.

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Guest posiedon
Thanks, tlady. I've removed the name of the alleged non-doctor. I'm sure there must be a way to check before spreading rumour on Shetlink, posiedon. If someone is using their qualifications to advertise their services with, then I believe they have to provide references to back this up.


Why not just ask directly?

If it's all the same to you, I would prefer not to barge into their office causing a scene.


I checked the GMC register and she doesn't appear to be on it, (there is a wife in Leeds registered with the same name, but obviously not the same person)

I am not in the habit of spreading rumours as you put it, I was merely stating a fact, the advertising standards authority made a ruling that, unless you have a recognised medical qualification, you can not use the title Dr to imply that you have.

Nor was I saying that she doesn't have such a qualification, I was merely asking, does she?

Graham Scott (McTimoney Chiropractic) doesn't use the prefix "Dr" I just think they should operate on a level playing field.

And while we're on the subject, the ASA also made a ruling that anyone advertising nonsense such as Tarot card reading, spiritualism, talking to your dead relatives, fortune telling, et al, must include in their ad "for entertainment only" Yet I see adverts in the Shetland Times every week from these charlatans who seem to be unaware of this ruling.


And note to the mods, I don't think you need to remove anyones name, I haven't defamed or libeled anybody, I am just stating facts, if "Dr" J M and "Dr" G H, are in fact qualified medical practitioners, I'll say no more, I'd just like to know, are they?

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I was under the impression that if you had a doctorate you could use DR as your title, only the letters after your name had to me correct, ie not claiming to be medical. Seem to remember a Conservative parliamentary candidate in Oxford getting caught out with that one.

Isn't Jonathan Wills, DR Jonathan Wills?

A number of ministers/priests/vicars use the title DR.


The main thing with any practitioner is to check their qualifications.


It's one thing I find quite disconcerting in dentists up here (in Montfield at least) is that you have no clue how qualified your dentist is, or where they studied.

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Anybody seen the guide to complementary therapies thats been sent to all shetland homes this weekend?


Plenty of doctors in there!


I don't know how these folk get away with it?


Crystal wand healing, soul retreival, no hand massage etc, etc,. It reads like a guide to a victorian funfair!


Am nearly surprised that they just don't come out and sell bottles of snake oil. Gullible Joe public would probably snap them up!

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