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The only time I can ever remember Kail castin causing a problem was wehn certain horrible individuals, who shall remain nameless as I think one of them posts on this forum, went into a kail yard, found the biggest kail heart they could, and chucked it through a door.

The recipients were delighted and had a great feed of kail the next day.

But, the person who owned the kail heart, and intended to exhibit it at the local church "Sale of Work" in the Boddam Hall the next night wasn't quite so extatic... :lol:

Anybody here like to own up to that terrible misdemeanor??? :lol:


I believe I heard something about it at the time. I've always wondered who it might have been involved with that. http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq330/Redneck_Hillbilly0504/Whistling.gif

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Halloween on the other hand, ahem....kail anyone?!?/


Can someone remind me, what date kail casting happens, my front hall was ruined last year, I'll lay in wait of the little darlings this year and get my own back :wink:


Its supposed to happen on Halloween night, the 31st, and we always stuck to that, regardless of weather, and most still do, but it seems some prefer to go on the nearest weekend night and/or fine night these days. The 31st being a Friday this year, it will hopefully all be confined to just that weekend.

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It was just a small kail, the rest of the mess was shrubs and plants pulled out of the garden, oh and eggs down the windows. But I've a very long garden hose that might come in handy :wink:

I had a spell of delivering leaftlets in Brae some years back and was horrified to see the post-Halloween mess at some houses in Toytown. As Suzanna says, eggs smashed on windows & doors, plus flour and other stuff. I'm not a party pooper but there's no way that's the harmless Halloween fun of old..

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Guest Anonymous

I don't know if this is the case all over Shetland, or just in the Ness, but usually people who get annoyed with the "vandals" get worse treatment next year.

I always found it was best just to ignore them. That kinda reduces the kick they get from it, and they will concentrate efforts on those who get upset.

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I was astounded at the reaction I got, I was told Shetlink was just 'Sooth Moothers Tom Tom Drums'.


This has got me thinking, how many people on here have their ancestors from the sixteenth century lying in a Shetland graveyard.


I've heard similar prior. It's quite a moot point as there is a proportionate number of users of Shetlink that could be slotted into whatever pigeonhole "Shetlander" is supposed to be - parents; grandparents; great grandparents; great great grandparents - ad infinitum .... oh for the joy .. and to think ignorance is bliss?

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