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Earth Sheltered Housing

Nigel Bridgman-Elliot

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Hmm, anyone remember the Gentec Venturi bloke?


Yep. Still makes me smile:


Would these be Gentec Venturi houses by any chance? Have you got a graph to prove it?

Not Gentec Venturi houses, but concrete domes,...

...I don't have any fancy graphs at the moment,

:lol: To understand this, you will need to dig back in the archives to find the posts by greenheatman.

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Is linked on my website :-) (But as I need to rebuild the Silverlight front end its not necessarly easy to get into at the moment, and before that rebuild my workstation..)


Well, you can look at my previous one which didn't do anything: (R&D take so long.)




I really must setup another soon as we are approaching the days of actually making money instead of just spending it :-)


(Though the website will remain until we come up with a more catchy name, thats not already taken/etc/etc.)

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Oh I have serious plans, otherwise I wouldn't be here talking. (And using my real name!)


If you mean, serious plans and with millions in my back pocket, then no I do not have plenty of money at the moment.


But even with a small amount we could still build our own home, and having looked around the rest of the UK, Shetland is looking most promising.


Unless you know somewhere else you can buy cheap land and doesn't have much crime..


No no, that's not what I meant. Some readers (from my reading of this thread) have interpreted your postings to mean there will be some investment to the general betterment of the population up here. Either jobs or facilities or enrichment of the community, but something to add to Shetland. If what you're wanting to discuss is building a a radical new home for yourself up here then by all means do so, but perhaps make it a bit clearer that you're not talking about a brave new world and jobs and prosperity for all.


Anyone coming in and building their own home even using new techniques etc. will no doubt be made welcome, but I would seriously urge you to spend some time here before doing so. There are challenges, and the environment is not as forgiving as the South East. There is another thread elsewhere about moving to Shetland and there's some useful info in there, but there is no substitute for seeing first hand. Yes the crime is low, but if you steal a car, where are you going to go? Who can you sell hookey goods to in a community of 20,000 where most folk know or know of pretty much everyone else? Same goes for crimes against the person.


Shetland is a fine place to live and raise your kids, but if you ('you' in the generic sense and not the specific 'you') arrive with rose tinted specs, the first time the wind blows your dish off the wall or trashes your clunky slow ADSL feed or the shelves in the Co-op or Tesco are empty because the cargo boat can't get in your love affair with the place might change.


I spent a bit of time up here before moving and rented for the first 6 months or so to ensure it was right for me. I'd just be careful were I you and do a deeper recce than just documents, forums and stats. Some of the partners of people moving up can't hack the distance to shopping, family, hairdressers etc. so there is that dynamic to consider too. For me, this isn't much of a problem as I can get a decent curry, mail order works, and most things I like to buy come from here in the first place so I'm just cutting out the middle man.


Good luck with your move and build.

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As for expansion joints, I do hear they are a good idea, and I wonder about them in domes. I wonder that if the tempreature is kept constant, then you won't get any cracks. (I've heard of domes which have cracked when the sun hit them, and others built under cover to maybe try and avoid this issue.) So I'm all ears to hear whether joints are a good or bad thing and why, as the design is in the early stages its better to change things now than later on half way through building!



You hear they are a good idea, they're essential in concrete or it will crack anyway. What size of sections of the dome do you intend to pour in one operation?.How you possibly expect to control the temperature internally and externally enough to prevent the concrete cracking (which it will if the entire outer skin is made of it) I would love to hear. I'm hoping you are employing a structural engineer to check over your design because the fact you want to know if an expansion joint is a good idea scares the bejesus out of me it really does.




In case you want to learn more about the different types of joints and what they're for.

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Not just a radical new home for myself, thats the start yes, but the intention is to not just stop there but to continue with the plan of creating the brave new world by building more homes, at the very least cheap rented homes would help out the local economy, hopefully slow or reverse the drop in population levels and provide an example of something which looks nicer on the landscape as well as practically a better house design.


I quite agree that spending time here is important, and its quite common for me to spend a long time doing my homework, as its easier to make a decision in theory than inpractice.


I also realise that the challanges/environment is going to be harder and I'm under no illusion that its all going to be rosy, but instead the most difficult challange of my life to make happen and to end up wearing slippers by the fire :-)


I'm a great one for hording supplies me, so I'll probably get my first load or two of shopping delivered by artic truck to make sure I don't run short unexpectedly :-) (During the Y2K thing I had a years supply of food/water onhand just in case.)



Its still unclear to me on the cracking aspect with concrete, as I've heard of large structures made which haven't cracked.


At the moment I'm looking at a dome size of 50ft across.


Oh yes, I'd be employing structural engineers to go over my figures with a fine tooth comb, and I do realise I have much to learn before I get to that stage. But having seen other people have such domes built, it encourages me that its possible, I just need to understand more on how.



Is there any update on what happened to the Gentec Venturi guy ?

(Also, why did he decide not to choose Shetlands for his idea ?)

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LOL, can't believe this nonsense is still ongoing.


Big ambitious plans but nothing to show so far but a few words hidden away in a distant corner of cyberspace, you haven't even visited the place yet....


I do seriously think this could be Mr Hill getting some revenge by pi55 taking.


The 'IQ of 200' and 'stockpiling a years food for Y2K' are real giveaways



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^^ If it is Hilly, then he has gone to disturbing lengths to "authenticate" this character! http://www.nanos.org.uk/me/pictures/pictures.htm :shock: :?


Well if he is genuine I suggest we contact the relevant agencies to ensure he can't get in, Shetland already has it's fair share of 'eccentric' incomers.


Having been on bulletin boards for over 10 years now, there's very few folk who ever admit who they really are and even fewer who use their real name to post.

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Thanks for that MaxFusion, I'll have a looksie.


I have found over the years that using my real name and not hiding who I am has helped me establish credibility and trust with people. Though at first I may well come across as eccentric, somewhat loud and egotistical. I do make friends and end up helping people, plus I come with entertainment value :-)

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