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Up Helly Aa


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I probably won't be here. I haven't been out in a squad for years. When the actual day comes, I kinda wish I was, but I can't be bothered with all the squad meetings 'n' stuff for during the months before hand.


I think Up Helly Aa is a bit of a laugh and nothing more. There are certainly folk who take it very seriously though (i.e. the commitee) But I can't see how you can fault dressing up, getting pissed, setting fire to a boat, being driven around Lerwick and dancing with women all night. Or is there something about tradition and culture or whatever that I'm missing......

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The tradition/culture angle is entirely modern, truth be told. The viking heritage, well, i've mentioned that elsewhere. Even the 'beard wearing' is a recent addition.


Call it a piss-up/social/community event to brighten up long winter nights and it's a-ok. Call it anything else and you're full of it.


It wouldn't really matter if we burned a 'long-ship' or a 'massey-ferguson' really.


My cynicism is in keeping with the genius that spawned the now forgotten "Pictish-Festival". Revive it and throw in some kind of fertility turd and a votive offering and we've got it in spades.


Or more to the point 4 festivals! one for each season. All year tourist attractions to boot!

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Guest Anonymous

Serious message here. Can somebody.....marshalls, police or whoever put a stop to the uncaring idiots who stand in front of the disabled peoples cars outside King Erik House. Last year I came close to shouting at the police who did not move them.....this year who knows?.

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