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:lol: Growin a decent beard fir UHA is aboot da only decent ting a'm ever hed ta say aboot Tavish Scott. :lol:

Weel,, compared wi da tussip o bum fluff dat some o dem pass aff as a beard.


An afore ony cheeky sausage says I canna grow een.. I can dö a damend guid impression o Isama Bin Laxative, ir whitever he wis caa'd.


Njugle,,, I tink it wis da late 60's, meybe 68 or 69, dat da beards started.. My memorie's no sae guid noo..

Bit, du's richt, it's a brawly recent idea. :lol:

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Watch it, you! Coming on here with your commonsensical words. Pfft!

Of course not. Just another attempt to stir up discord where none exists.  As part of its role in managing the many aspects of the festival, the Committee routinely keeps the squads informed of proce

We don’t recognise sectarianism up here, let’s leave it that way. Up here we thinks it’s only a game of football.

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If calling someone a 'soothmoother' is a crime worthy of being chucked off the committee, then what's the punishment for having rules like.... being a Shetland resident for 5 years before being allowed in a squad!


One sounds as racist as the other to me!!!


I agree, but I would also maintain that neither are racist.


The first statement is also wrong. It was not the use of the term 'soothmoother' but rather the context in which it was used. As is often stated, the term itself is not traditionally considered insulting. It looks like the word will end up evolving into such, but this need not be so.

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