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Watch it, you! Coming on here with your commonsensical words. Pfft!

Of course not. Just another attempt to stir up discord where none exists.  As part of its role in managing the many aspects of the festival, the Committee routinely keeps the squads informed of proce

We don’t recognise sectarianism up here, let’s leave it that way. Up here we thinks it’s only a game of football.

Yes indeed, you can always rely on a woman to make a spactacle of herself aroond up-helly-aa. :wink:


Anyhoo, i canna beleive doo passed up the chance to get shirty about my belittling the huge amount of work that goes into the bannocks and soup!


AND sins do started it, whot steight wood the wurld bee in iv we alloud feemail akademix to axept flexibull spellingz, aye axe yoo! :D

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Guest Anonymous

Ho,ho. As my strong minded mother always used to say, rise above it, my dear, rise above it.


Anyhoo, I wouldn't know the huge amount of work that goes into making bannocks and soup...my boyfriend does all the hard core cooking.

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Hard to comment without knowing more of your circumstance, but;


To be in Up-Helly-Aa you either need to be a resident of Lerwick, or start out as a fiddle box carrier when young. Or of course a musician.


The country Fire Festivals are less formal, but is probably true to say that you may wait a long time to be asked unless you expressed an interest yourself. With the huge numbers of people involved and more friends and family joining all the time it is possibly vain to imagine that it would come to you. Sorry.


However! If you were asked, do you seriously think you would accept the months of squad meetings, the expense, the whimsical act(not easy when sober) and the prospect of spending a whole night watching your compadres get blootered?


Still, it's nice to be asked just so you can say "No" eh?


ps i am not an advocate of U-H-A, it's just the tone of your inquiry prompts me to write this. correct me if i'm wrong.

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Guest Anonymous

what i wonder is the reosunding effect of up-helly-aa on marriages and relationships across shetland?

and to be honest, it is THE time of year for all Shetland singletons to pull!


any comments forum?



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