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Up Helly Aa


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Shetland Fire Festival Dates 2011


Scalloway - Friday 14 January


Lerwick - Tuesday 25 January


Nesting & Girlsta - Friday 4 February


Uyeasound - Friday 11 February


Northmavine - Friday 18 February


Bressay & Cullivoe - Friday 25 February


Norwick - Saturday 26 February


South Mainland - Friday 11 March


Delting - Friday 18 March

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Could anyone show me where I might download all the up helly aa songs, including the fanfare before the torches are thrown. Any alternative or 'jazzed up' versions would also come in handy. Just PM me or email me on alistairjhall@hotmail.com if you think you can help...


Rest assured it's for a good cause and is in no way linked to our act this year... Honest...

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the musical queue

cue !!!




Ironically, i actually googled "musical cue" before typing it cos it didn't look right and it popped up with "did you mean 'musical queue?', so i assumed the former was correct... How tragic is that?


Anyway... any answers, anyone? surprisingly quiet on this one (grammar-Nazis aside...)

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