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Watch it, you! Coming on here with your commonsensical words. Pfft!

Of course not. Just another attempt to stir up discord where none exists.  As part of its role in managing the many aspects of the festival, the Committee routinely keeps the squads informed of proce

We don’t recognise sectarianism up here, let’s leave it that way. Up here we thinks it’s only a game of football.

Trying to watch up Helly aa, but getting frustrated as the net is now running so slow it can't stream it. Been getting around 6.5 all day and its now dropped to 0.4. aaarrrgggggg!


BTs fragile system just can't hack any increase in load in Shetland. Lets hope people south can see it properly.


Crap service from BT yet once more ruined what should have been a fine evening watching Up Helly Aa

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Guest Lone Wolf

I'm with BT and it's been very erratic since the exchange upgrade. It's constantly crashing.


Although I think the Up Helly Aa link may not have the bandwith for all those accross the world that are probably trying to watch it.


Also think the constant problems with Shetlinks speed is caused by spammers overloading the site with c-r-a-p about TV programmes and other junk

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