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Up Helly Aa


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No, what I was meaning was are all guizers going to get named and shamed in the local press if we get banned for whatever reason.


That's entirely up to the local press whether they choose to publish or not.


The item in this week's paper happened before Up Helly Aa, and before the Bill incident happened. I'm not sure why the Shetland Times has chosen to publish it now, over a month later.


Weel I widna say I agree entirely we dat, it should be between the UHA Committee and the Guizer(s) in question and nothing to do we anyone else.

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I'm not sure you understood me.


How can the Committee or anybody else stop the local press from publishing what they want? It's common knowledge after all, you can hardly expect the press not to know the details.


Yes well I suppose the other week the Press had an inkling of a story and tried to find out more and got no comment, so they could find out nothing more about the inkling of a story they had heard so they decided to print the story anyway about something they could find out nothing about. So therefore they have decided to try yet again at another attempt at another ban which they have heard about but yet again could find out nothing more about and got no comment. Perhaps the paper should try and stick to publishing more important matters.


Personall I think what goes on between da Committee and a Guizer should remain just that. I don`t want to read about every banned Guizer when I buy a Shetland Times.

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I think perhaps you have misunderstood what I was saying, I know the Committee has a greeting meeting which they themselves are at.


That was rather my point, what is it that you are saying?


In one post you stated only the Committee can know what happens at their meetings, yet in the next you stated folk can be "hauled in front of the Committee". That in itself is contradictory without further elaboration.


Fair enough you now state there is at least one Committee meeting no-one but them attend, but what of others? Do we know for certain that the decision to ban was actually made at this so called "greeting meeting"? If a guizer can be hauled in front of the Committee then it follows that not all discipilinary decisions are necessarily taken at this one type of meeting, or did you mean "hauled in front of the Committee" figuratively rather than literally?

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Just wanted to say a HUGE congratulations to all the kids involved in last nights up helly aa. Well done all of you and we had a fantastic time.


(Just a footnote.... I used to love anagrams as a child an I spotted Yarrum Nosretep to be 'temporary nurse'. It tickled me a little as that's what originally brought me to Bixter :D )

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Interesting read but, maybe not the full story...  Is UHA on the verge of becoming a private party?


In particular;

â€We as guizers are privileged to experience Up-Helly-A’ to the full, the experience should remain that of the guizers and not for anyone watching YouTube.â€


(or, by definition, anyone standing at the side of the road as they march past)


Will the next step be to try and prevent the general public from attending/videoing the procession or going to halls and videoing squad acts because someone might have taken a drink etc?


I just hope it was badly worded.

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The UHA Committee should know by now that wording means everything, given that they themselves have hauled up guizers for "offenses" that were as much down to ill chosen words as anything else.


It does not read well, and the harm has already been done....at best its "foot in mouth" or "ball in own net" disease, at worst its......well, take your pick on any number of things, few wholesome.


You'd think they'd have learned by now, but whatever, its their mess to live with and/or "damage limitate", whichever they prefer.

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^ Aye, probably as many as a few hundred of them. It very probably was an "internal memo", but if the UHA Committee really thought anything they issued directed at all several hundred guizers, especially something that wouldn't be all that well received by some of them, was going to remain forever a guizer's secret. Like I said, they really should know better by now....


If ever such a day existed that the Committee's word was a holy grail that was only to be discreetly whispered among "club members", its been gone for a very long time now.

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Assuming this is only for guizers. Basically they seem to be saying that we shouldn't be putting the drunken antics that go on in the bus/truck out there as what Up Helly Aa represents.


The demographic in my squad is 18 (and the younger fiddle box carriers) to pushing 70. Some of the older guys probably don't want the bawdiness of the bus to appear in the media and possibly impact them professionally, which I think is fair enough.  I don't think it needs to come down from 'upon high' though. 


Most of us involved in Up Helly Aa are there for a laugh and a spree. Some folk get a bit overly, but at the other end of the spectrum there are those who hold the proceedings in such high regard that they give off a kind of sanctimonious, hoillier-than-thou fibe. For the rest of us it's one night of fun (and maybe a hop-night if we're able), not to be taken too seriously. 

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