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WTF ?  Had to check but, it is the 1st February and not 1st April. Is flying a drone or photography in a public place a crime now ?


What I do not get is, if Lerwick is not an airport/military base, or any other kind of place where drones might be "forbidden", why have these men been charged with a "crime" ?


They have been charged with crime because crime was committed, and they are suspected of being responsible.


There has been strict regulation of where drones can be flown for years. It is getting tighter, and I expect, will get even tighter.  The main limit which affects the various people who want to use drones on UHA day or night is the horizontal distance constraints. This includes the stipulation that drones must not fly within 150m of crowds.


When this matter first came up several years ago, drone pilots seemed to think they could fly anywhere on UHA evening because they claimed to have various certificates. Hearing of the multiple plans, the Police made it clear that they were having none of this and stated they were defining all Lerwick as being banned airspace for drones for the day. After being challenged over this interpretation, they have since reduced the banned space to be closer to the dense crowds, but with the 150m rule, this still means drones flying above the procession route are clearly in breech of the regulations.


I was aware of one operating from Lower Hillhead/Union Street, and another was apparently being flown from next to the flower park. My understanding is that a third was being flown legally over to the west, but seems to have been the target of a rocket. Now that is a story.

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Watch it, you! Coming on here with your commonsensical words. Pfft!

Of course not. Just another attempt to stir up discord where none exists.  As part of its role in managing the many aspects of the festival, the Committee routinely keeps the squads informed of proce

We don’t recognise sectarianism up here, let’s leave it that way. Up here we thinks it’s only a game of football.

@ Ghostrider

Maybe but I thought that was to do with airports not "public places".  Anyway, last year I saw passengers and crew from visiting liners operating drones over the harbour/town centre area.  Don't seem to recall any of them being "nicked" for it.!

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^ Maybe it was by Jarl's decree. Doesn't he have the 'Freedom of the city' to do as he pleases on the day, or something like that. :ponders:


Either way, mustn't offend the touries whatever they do, after all isn't it entirely for their benefit that the Esplanade, Street et al has steadily been turned in to a speed limited, bump infested, pedestrainised, pointless and useless 'no go; area for locals.

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Weel, yun was a splendid UHA dis year. Da weather for da procession was spot on.



So this is a celebration of our viking heritage?

Part of this seems to be an annual visit to New York to celebrate our ties with Scotland, and now we
have a fanatical football fan as jarl painting his galley in Celtic colours.

What next? The jarl squad dressed up in a Rangers strip setting fire to a Celtic galley with an effigy
of the previous jarl nailed to the mast?


I have to agree.


I just find it increasingly embarrassing, especially with our Scandinavian and Nordic neighbours looking on.


The sad thing is this IS the sum of how we "celebrate" our Scandinavian heritage, the length and breadth of Shetland.


What a shame we couldn't be more genuinely interested in our Nordic history.


Perhaps if we were, Thorstein Egilsson wouldn't be standing in a galley but running around in a school playground with his friends Magnus, Sven, Thorvald, Thorbjorn and Kolbein......  



I don't tink very mony folk involved in UHA take the "celebration of our viking heritage" bit very seriously, and da guizing tradition lang pre-dates dir being a squad of vikings every year. It's really joost a fun and an excuse to dance, hae a dram and work dirt!

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........and work dirt!



As long as dat dusna involve fleein a drone.......apparently.


UHA is come a lang wye, used ta be you hed ta brakk in idda Fort an set aff a Cannon dat bruk haf da windoos upoa da street ta makk a fuss, noo, its criminal ta flee a battery r/c model helicopter. :ponders:

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Done a little reading at the above link and, it does appear that an offense(?) may have been (inadvertently) committed.


The relevant rule, although it appears to be an opinion and not the actual law, seems to be;

"Seen some snazzy airborne footage on YouTube? Well, it might have been captured illegally as, according to UK laws regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority, consumer drones (classed as those that weigh under 20kg) must be flown no higher than 400 feet (120 metres), and be kept at least 50 metres away from people and private property, and 150 metres from congested areas and organised open-air assemblies of more than 1,000 people."


However, it was dark and, afaik, the arresting officers were not equipped with any device(s) that would allow them to correctly place the drones with regards to distance/altitude etc..


Looks like the men might have been charged based on someone's judgement (?).  Questionable to say the least.


Also, it appears that these activities might be at risk during other Fire Festivals.  Plenty of Fire Festival drone footage on Youtube if you care to look for it..

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