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^ it's da biggest event o da year attended by 1000s o folk from aa ower Shetland. Hivin a public holiday da next day maks sense. As far as I'm aware da SIC has an allocation o public holidays and dey choose when tae use dem. If no on Hop Day den when idder else?

Whit would mak even mair sense is hivin Lerrick UHA on a Friday night!

I winder if dir is ony particular reason for it bein on a Tuesday besides tradition?

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Watch it, you! Coming on here with your commonsensical words. Pfft!

Of course not. Just another attempt to stir up discord where none exists.  As part of its role in managing the many aspects of the festival, the Committee routinely keeps the squads informed of proce

We don’t recognise sectarianism up here, let’s leave it that way. Up here we thinks it’s only a game of football.

8 hours ago, Muckle Oxters said:

I winder if dir is ony particular reason for it bein on a Tuesday besides tradition?

A left over from the days of Wednesday being a 'half day' for almost all toon businesses that's not gotten caught up with the 21st C.

Friday night would be fine, get it more out of harms way for folk that have total disinterest in it all.

Back in the day they probably thought having it any nearer the helly than midweek was chancing their luck, considering the stooshie it caused among the religious types.

If they were like they were with it on the Tuesday night, when they had four days to pray and whatnot to quell the heathen demons invoked on the Tuesday, before their own holy day, just imagine the frenzy they'd have had with only Saturday to deal with them.

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