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Just had a quick search and couldn't find much on this subject


Had a couple of things set torecord tonight and found they hadn't, when checked why, the machine said it was a power cut. Called Sky at back of 11 and held in a queue for a seeming eternity. Hung up and called back pressing a different array of 1s and 2s to get through to a department where I could upgrade. told the nice man my problems who informed me the tech department shut up shop at 11 and to call back tomorrow.


So anyone else


had problems recording? had a power cut!


put on hold for 14 mins? when dept closed!


Box a year old next week, got the usual letters to extend the warrenty, which I've ignored, am I right to be a cynic :evil:

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My 3 year old Sky+ box fails to record programs and seems to "lose" series links all the time.


They just seem to disappear into thin air. Sometimes I notice the series links are missing and reset them but a lot of the time I don't notice until I go to watch the next episode of the program and I can't find it.


I tried asking Sky about it and got pawned off with excuse after excuse until I gave up. They only seem to be interested in problems when you threaten to stop paying them.

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Trouble shooting SKY+ boxes is a bit of a black art I'm finding myself..


Just replaced the HD in mine and its much better now.


Mind you, I also needed to get up the ladder and tweak the LNB a bit after it got knocked and signal quality took a nose dive such that E4/etc. picture started to break up.


Your best bet for advice would be this forum:




Could be your box on its way out, could be bad rain, heavy wind, nearby lightning, planner rebuild in order, maybe a full system reset might fix it, water in the cabling, or software bug :-)

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My Pace PV3 box at least has a fair bit of space around the HD and even a little fan, which is a big improvement on the previous SKY boxes where you had to retrofit your own fan to stop them getting so hot!


HD's in the unit get an awful lot of use (You can turn off various settings to slow the aging process so to speak, like the instant rewind.) so I'm not suprised they might on average only last say 3 years. But its pretty easy to replace the HD yourself as I found out when I had to do it, much cheaper than buying a new box.


I do wish SKY would sort out their firmware/software bugs. I have heard of hacked versions of SKY firmware out there, so maybe we'll see an open source effort one day..


Its a shame we are limited to only SKY boxes for our service, I'd love to see a box which removes the logo's from the screen, thats about my number one gripe, besides the all too common today firmware bugs..

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