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^ I've noticed that on occasion in here - even if I wanted the item being sold I wouldn't have bought it from some of the sellers due to their OTT rudeness in response to perhaps some joking or inappropriate comments.


On the other hand, Shetlink is now my first stop for buying/selling.

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I have items on 'Shetads' for some considerable time, some have sold others are still there, I have not had to pay any fees; seems a great way to me, why not give it a try!


(**mod edit ** - if you want commercial advertising contact admin at shetlink.com - removed linkback ;))

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I did put this on the Room 101 thread but I will repeat it here anyway as it seems more on-topic.


Person who advertises for something on Shetlink. You then offer them what they want, having cleaned up said "thing" and got it into perfect working order (taking at least 2 hours input).


Person agrees price and you arrange a place for collection that involves you driving for 45 minutes to leave it at a friend's office. Person also makes huge fuss about getting it in time for Christmas so you work hard to achieve this.


Then 'thing" is never collected so you pm Person who replies with vague excuse. Thing still remains uncollected.


You then phone Person (not that difficult to find phone number) who assures you Thing is still wanted and will be collected.


Over one month later, Thing is not collected from friend's office. PM's remain unaswered so Thing is coming home to be put on Ebay.


To that Person - please don't bother asking for stuff on Shetlink because I will expose you for the lazy time-waster that you are!

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