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Classifieds issues


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how about a feedback system then? there has been shady salesmen havin a go wi old hellery on here and some kinda thing ought to be in place as a warning to the uninformed

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Moderating the Classifieds is tricky in their current form, due to the way in which they are implemented. Although comments in this thread appear to suggest otherwise, we do actually spend quite a lot of time reading and tidying up already. Appointing a mod to this duty is possible, but the task is currently very onerous and demonstrably thankless. I doubt that it would be possible to retain an enthusiastic volunteer in this role for long.


One crucial thing that's missing is the ability to sort by 'last edited', so finding changed adverts (and hence reviewing comments) is difficult. Keeping on top of this job requires regularly scanning and re-scanning a constantly changing list that, currently, spans thirteen pages.

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^^ I wasn't intending to suggest that the Classifieds weren't getting the same level of maintenance as the rest of the site, apologies if it came off that way. Rather, what I was trying to get at was that given the level of stuff I've seen posted, that had vanished next I came through, which obviously is only a percentage of the total that needed attending to in that period. I could understand why, when added to the work of policing the main boards, there could be a desire to try and keep the dross in the Classifieds as upfront and obvious as possible, to keep the time taken to find it minimised.


Hence the suggestion that maybe the Classifieds had grown to a point that they could justify an additional Mod for them only, given the time they have to take keeping them in order. Point taken though about the lack of a most recent comments sortable option, that shifts the job from being a reasonably easy one to do, to being considerably less reasonably easy.


I wouldn't have thought many folk would bother going back several pages and post irrelevant comments on older stuff, but I guess it shouldn't come as a suprise that it happens.

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