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Classifieds issues


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^ No worries; I didn't take it that way from your comments in particular. Just that the general theme recently seems to be 'why is nobody keeping things tidy?'. Apologies if I came across as being defensive. I know I should spent more time reading the classifieds but, well... as I said... pretty onerous at times. I just know I'd find it depressing if my main responsibility was keeping them tidy.


Anyway; the need to improvements to the classifieds section is without question and its always good to have constructive feedback. There are always good ideas emerging and, if anything, the current situation is a classic example of a thing being a victim of its own success.


And, as for people posting waaay back? I've encountered dodgy comments added months later. :( Rarer, sure... but it happens.

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Its only a very small minority who make a nuisance of themselves wi there comments and would think a quick telling off would stop them doing so.

As to the amount of pages of classified, why not make it a 2 week limit them the advert would be automatically deleted as after than time it is unlikely to sale

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Not a complaint you'll be glad to hear. :wink: A suggestion, seeing as the Classifieds seems to be inflicted by a bit of work in progress.


Any possibility of adding the same "Next Topic", "Previous Topic" links to the top of each listing page in the Classifieds, the same as they are on the forum pages.


The way it was previously with folk able to bump adds back to the top at random, it would have been pointless. But now that they're default listed newest to oldest, being able to just work through those newly posted since your last visit would be handy, rather than having to back out or go round in circles as at present.

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^^ Yeah, it was never meant as much more as a tactical solution. There's more things in the pipeline if we can only find the time in the day/week/month to get moving *sigh*.


Taken on board and added to the list.


Malcolm, can you give more information as both are working for me. Do you mean adding as a seller, or viewing as a user, or other?

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Guest Anonymous

Why has the comments box been removed from the classifieds ?


Was it removed due to 'playground tactics' and derogatory comments being left on certain classifieds? I remember a couple of ads where the author of the ad came under fire, and was given a 'pop at'.


I wonder how the writers of those defamatory comments would feel if they had to endure a barrage of 'not so nice' comments placed on their posts. MMMMM I wonder !!!!!


Was this the main reason the classifeds were changed?


Will it return?

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That would seem a logical reason, but realistically it would have created an awful lot of work for the mods for little or no benifit to users.


Anyone with a genuine comment can always PM the member who can then update the listing if necessary, so we now have a easier to manage, more helpful, neater system. Win - win :D

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There appears to be a restriction on the amount of items you can list on Shetlink but I canna find anything on the number or frequency etc. Also is it a good idea that all the things you have aver listed be they sold or not as the case may be & all your wanted's etc remain on the site for ever?


I get calls & e-mails for stuff I listed years ago & its a nuisance. If you click on "all ads by shuggle or big dong etc" you will see everything ever listed back to the dark ages. Why? if its sold - so be it! if it hasna - stick it on again or put it on ebay which is easier sometimes.


Ask a question & silence or mumbo jumbo! I am willing to make a Pay Pal donation but only if the question is answered or the reason makes sense! Over to you Shetlink.


(***Mod Edit - Merged to one of the existing threads on the Classified section and renamed the thread to a more suitable subject***)

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There is a restriction. I don't know what the limit is, but it's pretty high. Items can be marked as 'Sold' in which case they'll expire eventually or they can be deleted by the user. We rely on advertisers to take these actions themselves since administering 100+ new adverts a day is proving to be very time consuming. We've no way of knowing you still want an advert. Perhaps we should implement an expiry feature? I'll check to see whether this is feasible.


If you're done with an advert, you should just be able to visit the advert in question and hit the little 'X' in the top right corner. This will remove it and add another slot to your advertising quota. Furthermore, if details have changed, you can edit the advert to set a new price, add pictures, etc.


As for asking a question and getting silence, it depends who you ask and whether they're about. We're all busy with things in addition to Shetlink, so it's quite likely your PM has gone to someone currently unavailable. Best bet in this situation is to try another mod (check who has been on recently) or, as you have done, raise the issue more visibly in a general section where all mods will see it.


Mumbo jumbo? Hmm... hopefully this hasn't been but if it has, please feel free to question further and I'll do my best to illuminate ;)





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Thanks but it ain't so. If you mark an item as sold, it still sits there on "See all things by Shuggle or Big Dong" etc


Whats the limit on listing stuff & why? I understand if Westside Pine or The Bargain Centre were to use Shetlink but why a limit for ordinary folk clearing out junk or the shad????????

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Whats the limit on listing stuff & why

Maybe to encourage people to delete their old adverts? ;)


I don't know what the limit is, but I'll see if I can find out for you. I have a figure of 200 in my head for some reason, but I've no idea where that comes from, nor whether it's actually anywhere close.


Fair enough on the sold thing; I guess it's not doing much use if the adverts hang around after being marked. I'll have to speak with them that knows to see if there's something that can be done.


I'm afraid you can't have it both ways: either you want lots of adverts, or you don't.


Out of interest: what do you feel would be a sensible expiry time for old adverts?

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